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Buses from the Rest of the World ...
GO Transit, Ontario, Canada

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My thanks to Thomas Leung of Toronto for sending me the above photographs of the newly acquired Enviro500s for Ontario's inter-city bus service GO (Government of Ontario) Transit. He has also provided the following interesting information about these buses:
Delivered in April 2008
Seats 78 people; 46 on the upper level and 32 on the lower.
First left-hand drive single-door version in North America (I believe the other ones, namely Seattle, Vancouver and Las Vegas have double-doors)
Length: 13m 
Engine: Cummins
'To prepare for the introduction of double decker buses, GO worked with the Ministry of Transportation, all road and fire departments from the regional and local governments along the proposed routes, representatives from 407 ETR, and the Ontario Provincial Police.'
'Selected routes for the double deckers have been thoroughly studied to ensure height clearance.'
It currently services the York University-407 Express-Mississauga / Oakville routes which a single journey can take up to 1.5 hours (travelling mostly on a 100-km/hour highway).

Fun facts: I've asked a GO Transit driver about these new buses and he told me that because of the height restrictions on road in Ontario, the buses are all GPS equipped and if the bus goes off route, the engine will be automatically stopped. As a result, it only service the 407 Express routes in the Greater Toronto Area. And because of the smaller fuel tank comparing with the ones that MCI Motorcoaches have (range is 1100 km vs. 700 km), on several occasions the buses ran out of fuel and had to halt back to to depot. 

Stephen Cho has provided the following update

They are not the first left hand drive Single Door Enviro 500, San Francisco already has 3 operated by Grosvenor Buses Lines on the Gray Line tour to replace the ECW Leyland Olympian.

They are the first 12.8m Enviro500, and they are the first to have Allison Transmissions instead of  Voiths or ZFs

Vancouver never have double decker on normal regular buses, thats BC Transit in Victoria instead.

All the above photographs courtesy and copyright of Thomas Leung (Toronto)

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