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Buses from the Rest of the World ...
New York, USA - April 2005
"I have just come back from a long weekend in New York (great time and thoroughly recommend it!) where they run 3 axle Dennis Tridents and have recently acquired some Enviro500’s. They run open top bus tours around the city on a “hop-on, hop-off” basis and are operated by Stagecoach USA. The buses are effectively mirror images of the HK Metsec bodied Tridents and the Enviro500’s. The Enviro500 is a bit of a rare beast and there is likely to be more operating in the US than anywhere else as a number have been ordered for use in Las Vegas." 

"You will note that they are dual door buses but the centre doors appear to be never used. The reason being is that there is a basket placed next to the driver to enable the punters to give a tip (which is expected, and plugged at every opportunity) for both the driver and the tour guide!"

Keith Wood
April 2005

 Enviro500  No.71503
Enviro500  No.71507
Dennis Trident/Duple Metsec No.71304
Dennis Trident/Duple Metsec No.71324
 All above photographs courtesy and copyright of Keith Wood

Dennis Trident/Duple Metsec No.71327 - December 2003
All above photographs courtesy and copyright of Hudson Chung

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