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General News
May 2005
Assumed to be part of the continuing integration of New World First Bus and Citybus fleets, all of Citybus's service vehicles have received a modified livery, as has the New World First Bus Volvo N10 heavy recovery truck.

The above photographs show converted Citybus Leyland Victory Mk2 recovery truck in its former livery on the left (October 2004) and its new livery on the right (May 2005).
If you have any photographs of any other vehicles carrying this revised livery, and you are happy to share them, please let me know. 

Pictured today, 17th May 2005, in Hong Kong
Citybus service vehicle No 49 pictured
on 6th November 2004
The same vehicle, but pictured today
17th May 2005
All the above photographs are courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

My thanks again go to Dave Rogers who has just sent me the above photograph, one of Weavaway's new Volvo B9TL with 12.4 metre East Lancs bodywork which features 102 coach seats with 3-point seatbelts, plus wheelchair space and three tables on the lower deck!

Photograph courtesy and copyright Dave Rogers


With all trace of their identities removed, these withdrawn
Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Dragons await their fate.

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Chan Ming Tak


Following last months photographs of three-axle buses in New York, Galvin Wong
has kindly sent me the above photo showing a Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Trident
in the livery of Victoria Regional Transit System, who operates bus services in
Vancouver, Canada  (see Note below). 
 An Enviro 500, for the same operator, taking a break at Membury services on the M4
Photograph courtesy and copyright Dave Rogers.


Following the posting of the above, I have received an e-mail from Kevin Lam, who lives in Vancouver, who has been able to correct me. He has explained the situation so well that I have used his words!! 

"A minor correction to the captions though, if you don't mind. It is more precise to say the buses wear "BC Transit" livery, and are operated by the Victoria Regional Transit System, who operates these buses in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Although Victoria is the provincial capital, internationally it isn't as well-known as Vancouver. Since the two cities are just a ferry trip away from each other, to anyone outside Canada, mentioning Vancouver is not far off :) However, Victorians may be offended! 

BC Transit operates buses all over the province of British Columbia. Its regional transit systems operate buses in the respective cities; for example, Kelowna Regional Transit System operates Dennis Tridents in Kelowna. Apart from double deckers, Dart SLF's make up a small portion of BC Transit's fleet; the remainder is domestic/US products.

Vancouver, however, is not part of BC Transit's serviced area. It is handled by another operator, coincidentally called "Coast Mountain Bus", which abbreviates to CMB! Unfortunately CMB doesn't operate any British buses."

Many thanks Kevin.


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