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Todays news gives details of a few websites.

Sherman Sham has kindly informed me that he has recently added some photos of the new Alexander Dennis Enviro 500s recently delivered to Las Vegas, USA. These are featured in his website, The Deuce Bus.

Photographs of Singapore's newest Volvo B9TL WAB (Wheelchair Accessible Bus) SuperBus, taken during the launch ceremony, have recently been added to the 'My Singapore Buses' Fotopic site. Well worth having a look at is another related site, 'Singapore City Buses'.

28th February 2006

A new page has been added for Checkmate Models. This is in no way complete and any models not listed here, or any other information, would be most welcome. I am very grateful to Vic Davey of the West Wales Museum of Childhood for providing the bulk of the above information on this new page.


Further to my News report on 22nd January regarding two calendars in the shape of the front of an Alexander ALX500 bodied Dennis Trident, I have since received an example of each. One is in NWFB colours whilst the other is in KCR colours. Made of plastic, it stands on a set of swivelling plastic feet. By using a coin, the two halves of the calendar can be prised apart, and the calendar sheets changed. A photograph can be place in the upper deck window. I believe their retail price is HK$65 each. The dimensions are (approx.) 170mm tall, 102mm wide with a depth of 27mm. The above photograph shows the pair with a 1/76th scale model. A very unusual calendar which attracted plenty of attention when placed on my office desk! - recommended. 


Issue No. 51 of Bus Fan World's 'Bus Focus' is now available. This issue is made up of 38 pages, Although written in Chinese, an English translation is to be provided on their website. A superb photograph of the 'real' Pocari Sweat Volvo Super Olympian is featured on the rear cover. 

25th February 2006

A new page has been added to the Xtra section of the site which includes further photographs of Citybus Trident No 2310 which carries the 'Salute the Founder' message on it's side. It is confirmed in an announcement from Citybus and NWFB that Managing Director Lyndon Rees will retire at the end of February 2006. The full Press Release is also included. Other topical photos are also included. 

I am sure that I speak for most Hong Kong bus enthusiasts when offering my best wishes to Mr Rees for a long and happy retirement. 

23rd February 2006

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Albion Kwok

Citybus Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX500 No. 2310 has been decorated with a special banner advertisement entitled ' Salute the Founder' and showing a 'timeline' of Citybus vehicles/liveries, since the company's inception. I believe this is a tribute to Citybus Managing Director Lyndon Rees, whom I believe is due to retire shortly. I hope to add further photos tomorrow.

I am advised by Britbus that the Alexander RH bodied Leyland Olympian (R900BFW), commissioned by Bus Fan World and featured in the News page on 15th December 2005, is due for release shortly, and is limited to just 180 pieces.

22nd February 2006

The resin section of the site has been updated tonight with several new pages, and in particular one for the CMB MCW Metrobus MB33 (B0014) from P & T Models which was featured yesterday.

If you have e-mailed me recently and have yet to receive a reply, please bear with me whilst I deal with the rather large 'Inbox' awaiting me upon my return from holiday! 

21st February 2006

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

Having just returned from my holiday in Hong Kong, and still suffering from the after effects of the long flight, the return to the cooler climate and the thought of work tomorrow, this is is just a brief update on recent news.

Pictured above is the second resin CMB Metrobus (B0014) from P & T Models, released in Hong Kong on 14th February. It features MB33 (CA2258) on Route No. 914 to Causeway Bay. It is limited to 300 pieces. A new page and photos will be added soon.

Creative Master Northcord Limited also issued a press release for the second version of their Mitsubishi Fuso Aero King casting, this being in the colours of JR Bus Kanto (JB4002). This is limited to 3,000 pieces and is again commissioned by Club Busrama of Japan.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Mr Kushida, Charis and Bonnie of Otsuka Pharmaceutical (HK) Ltd for providing me with an example of the Pocari Sweat model bus. Whilst preparing this update I am also sampling the drink itself!

20th February 2006

Exclusive news to this site is that Dave Rogers, owner of former Citybus Olympians Nos. 102 and 105, has commissioned Creative Master Northcord to produce a standard liveried Citybus Leyland Olympian, Fleet No 152. This model will only be available from Dave's buses as they appear at bus rallies here in the UK. For further details, follow the link to Dave's site, and check the News item. 

I have been asked to post information regarding the theft of approximately 20 Hong Kong model buses from the boot of a car whilst parked in Hereford three weeks ago. The models are all relatively recent releases, from June to December 2005, and include two of the 1/24 scale Best Choose DMSs. The police have been notified. If anyone has been offered a large recent collection under suspicious circumstances, please contact suerees4463@aol.com.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
'Mini Pointer Dart'

The recent posting of the Checkmate Models MAN Lion's Star Yutong coach has prompted quite a bit of interest and I am therefore reconsidering inclusion of these models on my site. In the meantime, pictured above is another Yutong coach, this time a ZK6120, also in 1/43 scale, but I am unsure of the producer - (since confirmed as Checkmate Models).

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
John So

Photographed today in Hong Kong is AVBW12 (MF4365) fitted with Gorba electronic display.

And finally....... I am off to Hong Kong tomorrow for just over a week's holiday, so there will be no updates during this time. Please continue to send any news items or photographs during this time.

9th February 2006

Following yesterday's publication of the photograph of the Checkmate Models 1/43 scale coach, I have been made aware that there are a large number of similar scaled model coaches, a selection of which can be found here (link no longer available).

As my interest primarily lies in buses, hence the sites' title, and the additional amount of time it would take me to record details of these models, I have taken the decision not to include them. I am, of course, more than happy to add links to any site featuring such closely related models. 

Changing the subject, I would again like to take the opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to those companies, organisations and individuals who continue to support my site, making it what it is today. These are, in no particular order:-

Bus Fan World   -   Jotus.com   -   80M Bus Model Shop   -   Creative Master Northcord Ltd   -   Buses Model Co.
Donald MacRae   -   Dennis Law   -   Keith Wood   -   Network Shuttle   -   Jacky Ho   -   David Rowe   -   Carl Bentley
  Hong Kong Model Co.   -   312 Model   -   Philip Chan   -   John Ayrey Die-Casts   -   Owen Wong   -   Winston Lau
  Mini Pointer Dart   -   dm   -   Tin Yau Lee   -   Chris Tung   -   Neo Chung   -   Leslie Chan   -   Gakei
  William Ng   -   John Tong   -   Dennis Chan   -   Andrew Shirley    -   Alan Leung   -   My Bus Dream Workshop
Universal Transport Fans Association   -   Hong Kong Olympian Buspage

Of course, should any other model manufacturer, bus operator, organisation or individual wish to provide me
with details of new models, they would be most welcome! 

7th February 2006

New photographs have been added to the pages featuring the two Best Choose 1/120 scale China Motor Bus models, Leyland Fleetline (05051) and Leyland Victory Mk2 (05061). 

Rollover image with mouse to see further photograph
Photographs courtesy and copyright of 'dm'

I have today received several photographs of a 1/43 scale MAN Lion's Star Yutong coach from Checkmate Models. Unfortunately I have no other details but hope to add further photographs tomorrow.

6th February 2006

Two new pages have been added to the Xtra section of the site. One features former Citybus Olympian No 304 now operating for Talisman Coaches in the UK, whilst the other shows China Motor Bus Dennis Condor DL2 in preservation in Hong Kong.

Once again, last month saw the site record it's highest number of visitors, 
the 'Home' page receiving 18,492  visits and the 'News' page 27,359

The photos attached with this e-mail show yet another version of "Octopus Reader" from 80M Bus Model Shop. With the absence of the alarm clock, it's been replaced by a roller blind showing various destination displays in different font styles. Priced at $66 each, the "card sensor" works in the same way as in the previous alarm clock.

1st February 2006
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