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Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

I am advised that KMB put into service a batch of 30 new buses today. Pictured above, with a destination of 'Los Angeles Metro', is one of the AVBE examples, registered MM4077. 

29th August 2006

Two new models have appeared on what was the World of Diecast website, these being two China Motor Bus LS class Guy Arab Mk Vs. They are listed as 'AS Models', and are therefore assumed to be from AsianBus. The first features LS51 in red and cream livery with blue radiator grille, denoting the vehicle's low height.  The second features LS56, this time in blue and cream livery, and with the revised headlight arrangement. Each model is limited to 504 pieces and it states that they will retail for HK$258. 
26th August 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

Released yesterday in Hong Kong is this KMB Daimler A cute bus with Birmingham style front. Produced by Jotus.com, it features 4228 and is on route no. 3 to Jordan Road Ferry. It is limited to 5,000 pieces. Further photos will be added shortly.

25th August 2006

Following yesterday's appeal for more information on the new Albion Viking on the Concorde Hobby Shop website, I am grateful to Philip Chan for providing the following :-
"This new Albion Viking is limited to 400 pieces, models will be divided into two batches, which means 200 pieces in each batch. The route numbers are route 62, Castle Peak Hospital and route 73K, Man Kam To respectively.

This model will be released in late August to celebrate the 27th anniversary of Concorde Model Shop.

This model will be slightly different from the previous version, the interior in the model is more detail. Furthermore, the bodywork of the bus is specially designed for the new territories."

A further batch of photographs taken during the Exhibition on History of Hong Kong Buses has now been added to the site, thanks to regular contributors Philip Chan and 'DM' - just follow the link

20th August 2006

My thanks to Andrew Shirley for informing me that another resin Albion Viking EK41LX model is currently being advertised on the Concorde Hobby Shop website. If anyone can provide further details from the Chinese text, perhaps they could let me know.
19th August 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dennis

The next generation of Neoman Centroliner - in a rather cooler climate!

16th August 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

No apologies for posting details of this totally non-oriental item, produced by a major supplier of photographs for my site, Jotus.com. The 'London Tourist Set' contains two Routemasters, RM1138 (138 CLT) on route 15 to Paddington and RM859 (WLT 859) on route 207 to Shepherds Bush Grn. Included in the set are a guardsman, sentry box and telephone box!. The set is limited to 5,000 pieces, of which only 100 will be available outside the UK. Further details can be found at the Jotus.com website.

The first batch of photographs taken during the Exhibition on History of Hong Kong Buses, currently taking place in Hong Kong, has now been added, just follow the link

15th August 2006

Further photographs of the 1/36 scale Faw Metro MM model, featured yesterday, have now been added and these can be viewed here. (Link now removed - 4th February 2010)

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

The above 'Q type' green Neoplan Centroliner has just been issued by Cars Workshop (Q33906).

14th August 2006

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of 'DM'

Pictured above is a 1/36 scale model of a chinese Faw (Faw Bus and Coach (Wuxi) Ltd) Metro MM (Model No. CA6100SH2). A photo of the actual vehicle can be found here (link no longer available). No other details are known but I hope to add further photographs shortly.

A new page has now been added for the second Best Choose Tilling-Stevens (05071). A short review has also just been added to the first release (05072) - my thanks to Barry Bailey for this.

The Exhibition on History of Hong Kong Buses 2006 is now open, running until 23rd August. It is located in the Lobby of Level 2, Pioneer Shopping Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is open everyday between 1130hrs - 2100hrs. Thanks to Jacky Ho and Philip Chan, I have already received photographs, and these will be added shortly. 

13th August 2006

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

The second Best Choose Tilling-Stevens (05071), mentioned before my holiday, has now been released and is pictured above. It features HK 104 on route to VEH. F. PIER. It is limited to 500 pieces. A new page and further photographs will be added shortly.

11th August 2006

I am reliably informed that there is to be a second Tilling-Stevens model from Best Choose, again limited to 500 pieces. The main differences are that the livery is a brighter red than the first and it has 'China Motor Bus' on its sides.

I am now on holiday for a week, returning on Saturday 12th August, so there will be no updates during this time. Please, however, continue to send me any news ready for an update upon my return!

3rd August 2006

80M Bus Model Shop have opened their 8th shop in the Peak Tower on 15 July 2006.  In addition, they are also to open a new shop in the Pioneer Centre on 28 July 2006.  The shop in Allied Plaza will be closed at the end of July. 

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Robin Hadfield

Pictured above is ex-China Light & Power Olympian No 308 now with Patron Travel of Nottingham. It has been re-registered from J629 CEV to BIG 8385. My thanks to Robin Hadfield for allowing me to use his photograph.

1st August 2006

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