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The photographs of some Enviro500s operating for The Deuce, Las Vegas, mentioned in yesterday's News, have now been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site, thanks to Stephen Mak.

The two short Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Dragons are set to be released on 7th May.
30th April 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Network Shuttle

Released in Hong Kong yesterday is this Hong Kong Transport Society commissioned Citybus Olympian from Creative Master Northcord Ltd (hkbus0002). Fleet no. 186 was specially decorated in September last year to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Society. It is on route 88R to Central and is limited to 1,000 pieces. 

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Stephen Mak

My thanks to Stephen Mak for sending me a selection of photographs of Enviro500s operating for The Deuce, Las Vegas, taken during his recent visit to the city. These will be added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site shortly.

... and finally, may I take this opportunity to wish Prince William and Kate Middleton all the best for today and their future life together.  Any bus related pictures from your honeymoon would be more than welcome!!
29th April 2011

Having recently received copies of both the Hong Kong Bus Review 2010 and the KMB/Long Win Fleetbook, by Dominic K H Kung and published by Overground Publishing, a review of the former has just been added to the appropriate page (just follow the link) and a review of the latter will follow shortly. My thanks to Dominic for providing these review copies.

The new modem arrived today and things appear to be working normally again. I do still have a backlog of e-mails to reply to along with some uploading of photographs into 
the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section, which will be carried out just as soon as time allows! 
27th April 2011

New pages have now been added for the 'Hong Kong Atom' liveried Long Win Dennis Trident (38503) and the resin Kowloon Motor Bus Carlyle bodied Dennis Dart from 312 Model (B0037).

Click on image for larger photograph

The above poster (a larger version is available by clicking on the image) is self explanatory. Some sample pages from the book will be added to the site shortly.


The recent Bus Model Sharing Show held on 10th April was very successful and some photos of that event can be found by following this link www.hkbf.org/t415781.htm.

The above handmade 1:24 scaled Mercedes-Benz model bus was on display, and can be ordered only through 
BUSME. This bus model is made by cardboard and plastics, 100% handmade, and only 10 pieces are to be produced. Customers can order their preferred registration number, fleet number and route. The cost is HK$2800 each, and for BUSME members the cost is HK$2500. Those interested can reserve one by placing their order by e-mail to BUSME (busme2009@yahoo.com.hk) starting from 00:00, 26th April. The model will take about 6 months for production after placing the order. Further details can be requested through by this email account.
25th April 2011


Photograph courtesy and copyright of Eric Lee

Thanks to Eric Lee of Tram Friends, I am able to report the issue, on 8th April, of a new tram from 80M Bus Model Shop. Again featuring the '1904' livery, this release uses the latest 80M casting. Further details will be added in due course.
Whilst on the subject of trams, Eric is pleased to announce he is to publish a new Hong Kong tram book in May, to celebrate the first anniversary of Veolia taking over this treasure - Hong Kong ICON and also the fifth anniversary of 'Tram Friends' tram club.

1,500 copies will be published in total with 200 copies being printed as a special edition

the content of the two editions are the same, however the design of the front cover differs

text is in English and Chinese

Cover page of the standard edition

4 generations of trams are shown
a pvc plastic film preprinted with a 3-D tram no. 168 as well as the route of the tramways is affixed to each book
Cover page of the special edition

it looks simple but grand
recycled paper is used
the book title is printed in silvery green, whilst the 1904 logo in printed in white

a unique sequential number is assigned to each special edition

Full details can be found at the Tram Friends website. The standard edition will retail at HK$128 whilst the special edition will retail at HK$168 - special discounts are currently available to those who pre-order.

The 80M Bus Model Shop website has confirmed the release tomorrow (24th April) of the 'Hong Kong Atom' liveried Long Win Dennis Trident (38503). As mentioned below, it features fleet no. 122 on route E42 to Airport. It is limited to 1,200 pieces and will retail for HK$328. A new page and further details will be added in due course.
23rd April 2011

Although I am back from holiday, owing to modem problems, I am unable to carry out any regular updates at present, until a new modem arrives in the post! In the meantime I will endeavour to make use of the limited access I currently have, which is very sporadic.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dennis Law

I am reliably informed that 80M Bus Model Shop will soon issue a new model featuring Long Win's Dennis Trident No. 122 (HN9680) in 'Hong Kong Atom' livery, as shown in the above photograph.


The above photograph, taken during my recent holiday, just may give a clue as to where I went!

Photograph courtesy and copyright of 312 Model

Announced today on the P&T/312 Model site are these two resin versions of Kowloon Motor Bus Carlyle bodied Dennis Dart, AA2.

My thanks to Keith Wood for providing news that MTR has placed an order for a further nine Alexander Dennis Enviro500s and a similar number of Enviro400s. 
22nd April 2011

I am now on holiday until 20th April - there will be no updates during this time, but please do continue to send me any news or photographs ready for my return.
10th April 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Neo Cheung

A second advertisement bus model from Buspak Advertising Company is pictured above. It is again based on Corgi's 12 metre Dennis Trident and features Year of Rabbit decals. It also carries NWFB and Webus logos.


Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Ching Motor Bus

Following the sighting in Central earlier this week of China Motor Bus Dennis Dart CX1, I am pleased to be able to provide further details and photographs, which have just been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site. 
8th April 2011


Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Stuart Dobie

As reported yesterday, KMB's Wrights Gemini 2 two-axle Volvo B9TL has now entered service, and is pictured above on route 606.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Dennis Mok

Also photographed yesterday, on its way to the Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Centre, is the Citybus Scania K280UD.

Larger images of both of these photographs have been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site.

8th April 2011

AVBWS1, the Kowloon Motor Bus Wrights Gemini 2 bodied two-axle Volvo B9TL entered service today, operating on route 606, Choi Wan - Siu Sai Wan.
7th April 2011

China Motor Bus Marshall bodied Dennis Dart CX1 has been spotted in Central in private preservation. Thanks to Dennis Law for providing this news from hkitalk.net.

Click on image for larger photograph
Wei Shen
My thanks to Wei Shen, a regular contributor from Singapore, for the following update.

SBS Transit's Mercedes Benz O405 Buses

SBS Transit has just withdrawn their last Mercedes Benz O405 (Duple Metsec, Converted Air-Conditioned) bus, SBS 3920B. The bus's last trip ended at around 7.30pm on Service 240 last Thursday (31 March). Pictured above is SBS 3920B, the last of its type to be operated. This was taken on 30th March, 3 days before its withdrawal. Its withdrawal also marks the end of Converted Air-Conditioned buses in SBS Transit's fleet.

SBS Transit has retired all of their Walter Alexander bodied Mercedes Benz O405 buses in April last year; a Farewell Tour was held for it in January the same year (along with the Dennis Dart). The company will retire their remaining Mercedes Benz O405 buses by 3 June, its last day expected to be on 1 June.

Miscellaneous Updates

The SMRT Buses Mercedes Benz Citaro SMB 0136C has returned to continue operating Service 855.

New Bus Gallery

Following the recent closure and liquidation of Fotopic.net last month, Wei Shen advises that he has moved his photos to a new gallery in Shutterfly. The name of this new gallery is nice and simple - "Wei Shen's Photographs", and this can be found by following this link (link no longer available). The gallery will not only showcase some of his other non-bus photographs, but will include a large collection of bus photos mainly from Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world. Currently, Wei Shen is uploading bus photos before moving on to upload other photographs.
   6th April 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright  of 
80M Bus Model Shop

Further details and photographs have now been received for the two versions of KMB's Volvo Olympian AV1, which are set for release in Hong Kong tomorrow. On the left (92206) is represented in its early guise, whilst on the right (92207) the model reflects its later appearance. New pages have tonight been added.
4th April 2011

Having received a copy of the Hong Kong Transport Yearbook 2010 from the JRTeam, a review of this book has now been added to the appropriate page in the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site.  


Whilst featuring the three 2010 Hong Kong Buses & Tram DVDs from independent transport videos last month, I failed to report in February the release of three DVDs filmed in 2009, details of which can be found on the independent transport videos  website.

The month of March again saw record number of visitors to the site, with the Home page receiving 22,048 hits and the News page 30,550.
3rd April 2011

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

I am reliably informed that Kowloon Motor Bus are to release a diecast model of their ADS class short Dennis Dragon. It is believed two models will initially be released, on routes 28 and 80M.

With the apparent demise of Fotopic, regular contributor Donald MacRae has wasted no time in searching for a new photo hosting site for his huge selection of bus photographs and I am pleased to report that his new site can be found at victoryguy.smugmug.com. Clearly it will take a little time for Donald to upload all his photos, but already the site is taking shape. 
  1st April 2011

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