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32701 - AEC Regent
Kowloon Motor Bus
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The model - this model is totally fictitious, using the long established AEC Regent casting from Corgi. The bus is meant to represent a Metsec bodied Daimler, Fleet No 549.

The bus - This vehicle was one of a batch of 200 and was first registered in November 1972. The bodywork was built-up from MetSec (Metal Sections) ckd (completely knocked down) parts. The body design represented the first departure by KMB from the traditional rear platform and staircase, having front staircases with double-width forward entrance and a single width exit in the centre, although on some buses, the entrance/exit was reversed.

D549 was withdrawn in 1988, but was reinstated in July 1990, being converted to open-top in February 1993.

The above information is extracted from the excellent book, - "The Buses of Kowloon Motor Bus" by Mike Davis.

 Manufacturer of model  Corgi
 Scale  1:64
 Prototype chassis  Daimler CVG6LX
 Prototype bodywork  Metal Sections Ltd
 Prototype length  10.5 metre
 Fleet number  D549 (not carried)
 Registration number  AD7455
 Route number  -
 Destination  -
 Commissioned by  Kowloon Motor Bus
 Quantity (total)  10,000
      Hong Kong 
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
Sep 1997
Dec 1997

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Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph


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