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New Lantao Bus 
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Click on image for larger photograph  Five new Gemilang bodied MAN A95 arrive.
Nov 2015 last updated 21st December 2015

The arrival of four Gemilang bodied MAN RC2
  The arrival of four Gemilang bodied MAN RC2 single-deckers
  Fleet nos. MN92-95
Oct/Nov 2015 last updated 22nd November 2015

New Young Man single-deckers - November 2010
  New Youngman single-deckers October 2010/August 2011/ December 2012
Oct 2010/Aug 2011/Dec 2012 last updated 17th February 2013

New MAN NL273 - March 2008   New MAN NL273
March 2008

New buses - June 2007   Recent additions to the fleet
June 2007

Ex- Citybus MAN NL262R acquired - July 2004   Ex Citybus MAN NL262/R join the fleet
July 2004

New World First Bus
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