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Australia & New Zealand
Double Decker Bus
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This book documents visually and through narration (bilingual Chinese and English) the many varying makes and models of double deck buses operating in Australia and New Zealand. It contains 136 pages in full colour and is jam-packed with photos. It was produced by Sydney author Stephen Cho,
Commencing in the early 1930’s, double deckers became a common sight in our major cities until they were phased out in the late 80’s to make way for modern one man operated single deck buses that were more flexible in navigating our cities many tree lined streets and overhanging building awnings.
While double deck coaches were still used extensively by long distance charter operators, it wasn't until 2011 when Queensland manufacturer Bustech introduced the CDi double decker to their low floor bus range which has led to a resurgence across Australia and New Zealand of modern low floor air-conditioned double deck city buses.
The book also briefly explains how axle weight limit for 3 axle buses (20.5t) affecting the design of double decker buses which has increased to 22 tonnes nationally in 2019.
 Title :  Australia & New Zealand
 Double Decker Bus
 Author :  Stephen Cho
 Publisher :  New Overground Publishing
 Year of publication :  2018
 ISBN :  978-988-78622-1-5
 Size :   B5 (180mm x 260mm)
 Pages :   136
 Cover :   Softback
 Availability :  Published 2018
 Price :   HK$ 168 : AUD 27
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