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The Fleet Directory of Hong Kong Buses
Kowloon Motor Bus

This BSI book is A5 sized paperback featuring 126 pages and illustrated in colour throughout. The book is divided into three sections, the first dealing with classes photographically with Chinese text - no English other than the words which won't translate! The second section is a fleetlist detailing fleet no., registration, chassis no., date into service, date out of service in columns by class. Effectively, listed are all the classes of which some vehicles remain, but list the full class - i.e, with the 3N's, for example, all of 3N1 - 3N191 are listed, etc, etc. Additionally, recently expired classes such as the BL's and ME's are listed intacto but all with withdrawal dates. However, the book is very up to date with licensed dates as recent as 6/5/03 for the final Enviro. Section three appears to be a list of routes, entirely in Chinese.
Good value for HK$98.00 in my view.

My thanks to Donald MacRae for providing the above review.

 Title :  The Fleet Directory of Hong Kong Buses
 Kowloon Motor Bus
 Authors :  Stanley Yung
 Published by :  BSI Hobbies (Hong Kong) Co
 Year of publication :  2003
 ISBN :  962-8414-80-1
 Size :   A5
 Pages :   126
 Price :  HK$ 98

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