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Hong Kong Buses - Volume 6
Lantau Island

This book is now available and below is an extract from the DTS Publishing website :-

"In this 6th volume in the Hong Kong Buses series, the buses on Lantau Island are examined, looking mainly at past and present buses which operate in the area now known as South Lantau. The earliest were four Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Pax single-deckers operated along the only road open to motor vehicles, South Lantau Road, from the east as far as the reservoir construction site at Shek Pik. The story continues with the small operators which sprang up to fill the vacuum left by the departure of KMB. These amalgamated in 1973 to form the New Lantao Bus Company (1973) Limited (NLB) (note the different spelling of the island name in the title of the bus company). NLB was subsequently absorbed by Kwoon Chung Motors, in whose ownership it remains today. The second present day operator whose buses are described is Discovery Bay Transit Cpn. Ltd. which operates in the privately owned Resort of the same name. A brief look is taken at Lantau Tours and at the off-road site buses used during the construction of Chek Lap Kok Airport in North Lantau during the 1990s. Lastly, there is a photographic overview of the Airport Bus Services operated by Long Win Bus Services and Cityflyer/Citybus. South Lantau is a largely rural area, as indeed all Lantau once was, contrasting with the busy urban scene with which most people associate Hong Kong. In order to dispel this idea, there is a section showing the operating environment of NLB, including steep and narrow mountain roads, quiet villages with saucy names, and roads with buffalo ruminating at the roadside."

 Title :  Hong Kong Buses - Volume 6
 Lantau Island 
 Author :  Mike Davis
 Published by :  DTS Publishing
 Year of publication :  2008 (August)
 ISBN :  978-1-900515-28-3
 Size :  A4 (softback)
 Pages :  150
 Price :  26.95

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