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Singapore & Hong Kong
Bus Advertising Photo Collection - Vol. 1
News of this book appeared on the 80M Bus Model Shop website on 4th July 2008.

As the title of the book implies, it consists of a plethora of all-over advertisements on both Hong Kong and Singapore buses over the period 2005-2006.

It is divided into 13 chapters, each featuring a different advertising topic. Examples are 'Food & Dining', 'Beauty & Health' and 'Finance'. No captions are included, as the Author would prefer the Reader to 'feel the photos by themselves, rather than guiding the readers by captions.'


The book tends to favour adverts from Singapore more so than from Hong Kong. I would prefer captions, as although many of the adverts are self-explanatory, some are not!  Each page has the topic along the edge of of the left-hand page in English, and in Chinese on the right-hand page. Some of these are difficult to read.

Overall an interesting book with plenty of photographs.

 Title :  Singapore & Hong Kong Bus
 Advertising Photo Collection - Vol. 1
 Author :  Stanley Yung
 Published by :  BSI Hobbies (Hong Kong) Co.
 Year of publication :  July 2008
 ISBN :  962-8414-22-4
 Size :  A5
 Pages :  144
 Price :  HK$ 98

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