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The Hong Kong Bus Handbook
2002 Edition

Using the same format as the 1997 edition, this latest publication from British Bus Publishing is updated to June 2002. It again contains 80 pages, with 65 colour photographs. The fleets of Citybus, Discovery Bay, Hongkong Tramways, KCRC, KMB, Long Win, NLB, New Hong Kong Bus Company, New World First Bus and Peak Tramways are included.

Unfortunately, a batch of registration numbers are missing for the KMB AV class (AV238-AV531 except AV296 which is listed and whose photograph is included!).

Whilst the majority of photographs are of a high standard, several appear blurred and several KMB gold liveried vehicles appear greenish in colour.

Despite the above, the book is an invaluable reference aid for those interested in the 'real' buses.

 Title :  The Hong Kong Bus Handbook 
 Published by :  British Bus Publishing
 Year of publication :  September 2002
 ISBN :  1-897990-59-6
 Size :   A5
 Pages :  80
 Price :  UKŁ 11.75

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