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DMS ColourScene
Hong Kong

This is the first book in a planned series covering the author's personal photographs of the DMS class of Daimler Fleetlines new to London Transport and later exported to Hong Kong for future use.

Over 300 such buses were purchased by all of Hong Kong's major bus operators, namely China Motor Bus (206), Kowloon Motor Bus (100), Argos (30) and Citybus (11).

The author has made numerous visits to Hong Kong, and the photographs in this book, of which there are almost 300 in full colour, cover visits made in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1990, whilst the final section covers those taken in Guangzhou during a visit in 1992.

The photos are arranged in date order, and each has a caption in both English and Chinese. Many of the photographs highlight specific variations in the vehicles.

The Index at the back of the book lists all the photos by London Transport Fleet Number followed by the date on which the bus was photographed.

Typical pages from the book are shown below.

The book normally retails for 20, however I am pleased to report that visitors to this site can receive a 25% reduction on the cover price (post free - UK only). Anyone wanting a copy can either send Nigel a letter and cheque for 15.00 (UK only) (obviously with your address) or send him an e-mail and he will reply with an order form and/or details. His details are as follows:-

Nigel J Eadon-Clarke
23 Edgebury, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6JL


 Title :  DMS ColourScene Hong Kong
 Author :  N J Eadon-Clarke
 Published by :  DTS Publishing
 Year of publication :  February 2002
 ISBN :  1-900515-60-1
 Size :  297mm x 215mm
 Pages :   98
 Price :  20

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