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DMS ColourScene
Volume Three

This is the third in a series of books devoted to the London Transport DMS type Daimler Fleetline. This volume continues the story started in DMS ColourScene 1979-1984 and DMS ColourScene Hong Kong and details the vehicles after their sale by London Transport.

It again features the personal photographs of Nigel Eadon-Clarke, plus some very rare photographs of examples taken in two Northern China cities, namely Dailan (1997-2001 ) and Jilin (1998). These photographs were taken by Lennox MacEwan.

The UK photographs start in 1985 and continue until 1988. Also featured are photographs taken during Nigels initial visits to the USA and includes examples in Denver, Chicago and New York. The Hong Kong and Guangzhou photographs cover the period 1981-1995.

The book retails for £21, however I am pleased to report that visitors to this site can receive a 10% reduction on the cover price (post free - UK only). Anyone wanting a copy can either send Nigel a letter and cheque for £18.90 (UK only) (obviously with your address) or send him an e-mail and he will reply with an order form and/or details. His details are as follows:-

Nigel Eadon-Clarke
23 Edgebury, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6JL

Visitors from Hong Kong can obtain their copy from Jotus.com

 Title :  DMS ColourScene - Volume Three
 Author :  N J Eadon-Clarke
 Published by :  DTS Publishing
 Year of publication :  July 2004
 ISBN :  1-900515-90-3
 Size :   297mm x 215mm
 Pages :  112
 Price :  HK$ ?
 UK£ 21

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