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This book was first published back in 1970 and was written by the late Peter Atkinson and Alan Williams. It is considered by many as the definitive work on the subject matter.

The foreword is written by J H W Salmon, the then General Manager of Hongkong Tramways Linited.
The following is a summary of the book and appears inside its front cover:- (please remember the book was published in 1970!)

Hong Kong, the fascinating meeting point of east and west, is a complex amalgam of Asiatic and European influences. Reflecting this feature to an especial degree are Hongkong tramways, with their British and Chinese elements, which have combined to produce this efficient and popular means of transport in the Colony from 1904 to the present day. This book tells the story of the trams and of companies and personnel which have operated them so outstandingly over the years despite many hazards, of which typhoons, a passenger boycott, strikes and a foreign occupation may be cited as examples. Today they carry 164,000,000 passenger a year over some nine miles or route: loadings rarely surpassed anywhere in the world. The cars follow each other in seemingly endless array through the main thoroughfares of the City of Victoria, the island's crowded capital.

The story is begun in 1881, with the earliest proposals for tramways in the Colony. It thereafter deals with the construction of the electric tramways and their subsequent history, with separate chapters devoted to rolling stock, depots and workshops, track and power supply, tickets and fares, and welfare and labour relations. Other special matters are covered in appendices.There is also an account of the short-lived motor bus experiment conducted by the tramways company in Kowloon.

Well illustrated with photographs, maps, drawings and diagrams, the book ranges from technicalities of an engineering and traffic nature to vivid vignettes of the street scenes encountered in the overcrowded and exotic island, the last stronghold of the once ubiquitous double deck tramcar. "
An updated edition of this book was published in 2017 and details of this can be found by following this link.
 Title :  Hongkong Tramways
 Authors :  The late Peter Atkinson - Alan K Williams
 Published by :  The Light Rail Transport League
 Year of publication :  1970
 ISBN :  -
 Size :   145mm x 220mm
 Pages :   96
 Cover :   Hardback
 Availability :  ?
 Original Price :   2.00


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