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Tramways (2017)

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This book is an updated version of the Hongkong Tramways book published back in 1970 and written by the late Peter Atkinson and Alan Williams. It is considered by many as the definitive work on the subject matter. Joseph Tse Yiu-hon, a tram enthusiast living in Hong Kong and John Prentice, Chairman of the Tramway and Light Railway Society, have pooled their knowledge and have published this update.
Having seen this latest publication advertised, and having had an interest in this timeless tram system ever since my first visit to the former colony in 2002, an order was placed. I do possess the original publication, which was acquired second-hand through a popular auction site, so I was already familiar with the book.
The most noticeable difference is its size, as shown below,
and its thickness! The original book measures 220mm x 145mm (approx.) and has 96 pages. It contains 16 chapters and includes approximately 47 black and white photographs together with around 10 drawings and/or maps. It came in hardback form.
Comparison - old and new

The updated edition is A4 size with a soft cover, consists of 216 pages with 18 chapters (2 more than the original) and has alot (and I mean alot!) of photographs, the majority of which are in colour. The size of the text is increased, which makes it a much easier read than the original.

This updated version retains much of the text of the original, as this is still relevant today as it was then, but with additional information. 
The two additional chapters are titled '1970-2013' and 'Tramway Advertising'.  

Rather than comparing each and every chapter, I have picked out two chapters for particular note:-

Chapter 11 - 'Green Cars Go East and West' features a tram ride made by Alan Williams back in the 1960s from Kennedy Town to Shaukeiwan via Happy Valley. In the chapter he describes his journey and the sights along the way - Joseph Tse took the same journey in 2012 and whilst the route is more or less the same, the sights are somewhat different!
Chapter 12 - 'Rolling Stock' consisted of 8 pages in the original book (Chapter 11) whilst the updated book features 45 pages with over 100 colour photographs!

Below are some sample pages from the book.

There is very little I can say about this book other than it really is worth every penny!!  It covers the whole aspect of Hong Kong's trams and must be the new 'point of reference' for the subject. A superb read with plenty of photos!
 Title :  Hongkong Tramways
 Authors :  The late Peter Atkinson - Alan K Williams -
 Joseph Tse Yiu-hon - John Prentice
 Published by :  Light Rail Transit Association
 Year of publication :  2017
 ISBN :  978-0-948106-48-4
 Size :   210mm x 297mm (A4)
 Pages :   216
 Cover :   Softback
 Availability :  Published October 2017 and available
 from LRTA 
 Price :   27.50


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