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Hong Kong Bus Handbook
Part One: Kowloon Motor Bus
First Edition - May 1996
Reprint - July 1996
This book details the various types of vehicle in the KMB fleet, ranging from the leyland Victory Mk 2 and Dennis jubilants to the 12 metre air conditioned Volvo Olympians. The description for each type is both in Chines and english, as are the captions for the 120 plus colour photographs. it includes sections on training vehicles, service vehicles and classic buses.

At the rear of the book is a fleet list of all the vehicles, plus a route list.

Comment:  An excellent, handy reference book, full of colour.

 Title :  Hong Kong Bus Handbook - Part One
 Kowloon Motor Bus 
 Author :  Danny C Y Chan
 Published by :  Northcord International Limited
 Year of publication :  1996
 ISBN :  962-920-001-5
 Size :   210 x 148mm (A5)
 Pages :   114
 Price :  HK$ 100

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