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Hong Kong Transport Yearbook


 Title :  Hong Kong Transport Yearbook 2012
 Author :  JRTeam
 Published by :  JRTeam
 Year of publication :  2013
 ISBN (Hardback):  978-988-19902-6-6
 ISBN (Softback): 978-988-19902-7-3
 Size :   265mm x 190mm x 19mm
 Pages :   188
 Availability :  Published February 2013
 Price (Hardback):   HK$220
 Price (Softback):  HK$168

Published in early February 2013, this books comes in two editions. The hardback edition is limited and retails for HK$220 whilst the softback edition retails for HK$168. 

The fourth in this series of Yearbooks has the same general appearance as the previous editions, making it instantly recognisable. As with all the previous editions, it is presented in a colourful manner with a large number of colour photographs covering all aspects of Hong Kong's transport.

Half of the book covers buses, with a large section on aircraft and others featuring railways and ferries. Almost all the text in this book is in Chinese, however, most chapters have a brief English translation, which is helpful and enables those of us unable to read Chinese text to follow most articles. Lists of new buses and withdrawn buses are also in English. In the table below I have attempted to describe all the various articles and have included several page shots as well.

My interest in Hong Kong extends beyond its buses and this book provides an overview of transport in general. I particularly like the use of large colourful photographs.

Once again, JRTeam have maintained their high standards in producing another excellent Yearbook which is well worth the HK$220 (or HK$168 for a softback edition).

Pages   Article description
3  Index
4-5  Editorial
6-13  Collective memories of HK
14-15  2012 News
16-21  Kowloon Motor Bus News
22-23  Citybus news
24  New World First Bus News
25  New Lantao Bus News
26-37  Mitsubishi Mk117/217/218
38-41  Super Capacitor Bus
42-45  Environmentally FriendlyBuses in China
46-51  Jit Luen bodied Volvo B6LEs
52-57  New Youngman single-deckers for Citybus
58-60  Carlyle bodied Dennis Darts
61-66  KMB's Duple Metsec bodied Airbus Darts
67-71  The last of the Duple Metsec single deckers in Hong Kong
72-77  MTR Bus Enviros
78-89  Hot Dog Bye Bye
90-93  Farewell to Cummins Volvo Olympians
94-95  New Generation Enviro500
96-111  Aircraft highlights 
112-119  Farewell Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 
120-127  Thai 1st A380 flight
128-137 Eva Air Hello Kitty
138-141 Cathay's Premium Economy
142-147 Hong Kong Airlines Redeployment
149-153  MTR C Train
154-159 Express Rail Link to China
160-163 Classic Inter City Through train
164-169 Hong Kong Tramways celebrates 108 years
170  Various
171  Sad National Day Tour
172-173  Macau Ferry orange-to-red
174-182  Details of new buses, withdrawn buses etc
183 Details of new aircraft deliveries & disposals for Hong Kong fleets


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