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Hong Kong Bus Models
Volume One

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The book is A5 size, paperback and consists of 62 pages, all of which are in full colour on a good quality paper. It is printed in both Chinese and English.

The first five pages consist of a list of contents, an introduction and a foreword and acknowledgements.

Models from both Corgi and EFE are listed, one model to a page, and in the order that they were released, commencing with Corgis' CMB liveried MCW Metrobus and ending with the Dragon Boat Festival liveried Olympian. Each page lists the vehicle type and fleet number, date the model was introduced, the producer and their product code, the quantity produced, a photograph of the actual
vehicle and of the model, with a brief background of the vehicle.

The non-Hong Kong releases, i.e. Macau Dart, Singapore Olympian and Buspak models are listed separately.

There are two pages showing hand-made and white metal kits, and two pages which list a summary of the models - a very handy "quick reference guide".

The final page details the six latest releases, NWFB "Wish Bus", Citybus Dart, Captain KMB Trident, CMB DMS,  NWFB Trident/Duple Metsec and Dart, and includes a small photograph of each.

This book was reviewed in the November 1999 edition of Buses magazine.

The 2nd volume is due to be published im March 2000.

This book is a must for the collector of these models

Typical pages from the book
 Title :  Hong Kong Bus Models - Volume One
 Author :  Tortoise & Mr Teacher
 Published by :  Oriental Origin Development 
 International Co Ltd.
 Year of publication :  1999
 ISBN :  HK Book No 999701
 Size :  210 x 148mm (A5)
 Pages :  62
 Price :  HK$ 68

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