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Hong Kong Bus Models
Volume Two
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The second volume of of Hong Kong Model Buses was published on 12th April 2001.

The biggest section of this Volume picks up where Volume 1 left off, in June 1999, starting with Corgi's "God of Wealth" (Wish Bus). It's layout is generally the same as Volume 1, however, whilst the earlier maintained a "page per model" layout, certain models in this later Volume have been grouped together. An example is the Collector's Model CMB "Hotline" liveried Victory (V103A), which was released in August 1999, being grouped with ABC's similar versions, which were not released until July 2000. In addition, the models featuring all-over advertisements have also been grouped together.

With the increasing number of releases since the release of the previous Volume, this grouping is understandable.

The remaining sections are detailed as follows:-

A Collection of Olympian Bus Models
Four pages dedicated to Corgi's twenty-eight different Olympians.

Exhibition in Hong Kong of Historic Buses
Two pages of photographs of the Bus Exhibition held in Hong Kong last year.

Selection of the Best Hong Kong Bus Model
Two pages giving presumably the Author's opinion on the following four categories:- the Best Bus, Buses of the Finest Workmanship, Buses of the Best Measurement and Buses of the Most Attractive Livery.
If you want to find out what the results are - then click here. I certainly wouldn't disagree with any of the choices!

A List of Hong Kong Bus Models
Three pages listing, in tabular format, the releases between June 1999 and November 2000.

Preview of the Latest Bus Models
The final five pages detail briefly, with a photograph of each, those releases issued between November 2000 and February 2001.

Verdict - It is obviously a "must" for the serious Hong Kong Collector, and I am already looking forward to Volume 3, which at the rate of new models currently being released, shouldn't be too far away!!

 Title :  Hong Kong Bus Models - Volume 2
 Author :  Tortoise & Mr Teacher
 Research Team
 Published by :  Oriental Origin Development Int. Co. Ltd
 Year of publication :  2001
 ISBN :  962-85702-3-4
 Size :  15cm x 21cm
 Pages :   92
 Price :  HK$ 88

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