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The New Millennium of
New World First Bus
This book is "soft-back" with approximately 126 high quality pages. The majority of text is Chinese. The book is split into three distinct sections, the first covering New World First Bus, the second detailing the UK fleets of First Group, whilst the third and final section details the routes and the fleet of NWFB.

Section 1.

The first chapter illustrates the first new buses for NWFB, together with the various acquired vehicles from China Motor Bus, including Dennis Condors, Leyland Victorys, Leyland Fleetline SFs and MCW Metrobuses.

The second chapter continues detailing the new buses and begins to illustrate panel advertisements applied in lie of the initial wave livery.

The third chapter details NWFB's own advertisements, starting with the initial panel adverts, such as "This bus has ears", "Didn't recognise me did you", "Happy new ear", etc. , moving on to the special decals carried by the 100th, 200th, etc. new buses, the first 10.6 metre Trident, the first locally built new bus, and the Millennium 2000 liveried Trident.

The next chapter covers the first anniversary "fruit" liveried buses, plus examples of my favourite livery for NWFB, that being applied to Dennis Dart No. 2080, which was used as a Mobile Customer Service Centre.

The fifth chapter covers the various all-over advertising liveries applied to NWFB vehicles, whilst chapter six includes the various service vehicles and driver training bus.

Chapter seven details the NWFB models produced by Corgi  and EFE. Each model is photographed, together with the original vehicle whilst chapter eight details the New World First Ferry

Section 2.

This section includes two or three pages of photos/details for : First Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Midland Bluebird, First Glasgow, Yorkshire Rider, First Manchester, First PMT, First Midland Red, First Leicester, First Northampton, First Eastern Counties, Essex Buses, First Capital, First Centrewest, Provincial, Southampton Citybus, First Cymru, First Bristol and First Western National.

Section 3.

The final section details the various routes of NWFB, and includes a vehicle fleet list.

Overall verdict

An excellent publication, printed on high quality paper, containing a large number of excellent photographs of NWFB vehicles.

Typical pages from the book
 Title :  The New Millennium of
 New World First Bus
 Author :  ?
 Published by :  Oriental Origin Development
 International Co Ltd.
 Year of publication :  2000
 ISBN :  962-857-022-6
 Size :  210 x 148mm (A4)
 Pages :   126
 Price :  HK$ 180

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