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Tram Art
This book was published in July 2013 and is the third to come from the Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast stable following in the footsteps of 'We Love Tram' and 'A Centenary Date with Hong Kong Tramways'.

The book comes in a landscape format, almost to A4 size, with a hardback cover. Pages are of a high quality paper and, with the exception of black and white photographs, are all in colour. Text is in both Chinese and English. A Guest Foreword is written by Emmanuel Vivant, General Manger of Hong Kong Tramways. A taster of the book is summed up in his last paragraph 'We commend the book authors for their effort in promoting the Tramways , and wish you will enjoy their pictures as much as we did'.  

The book features the photographs of five photographers, Bona Liu, Eric Lee, Kenny Yung, Kelvin Pang and Joe Fung and each has a gallery displaying their photographs. A selection of page shots is detailed below.
'Tram Life' is the title for Bona Liu's gallery (pages 6-21)
'Tram Friend' is Eric Lee's gallery title (pages 22-49)
'Kennedy Onboard' features the black and white photographs of Kenny Yung (pages 50-73)
'The Tram From My Perspective' is Kelvin Pang's gallery title (pages 74-203)
'A Photography Extravaganza' is the title for the Joe Fung's gallery (pages 104-127)
'The Time Tunnel', as the title implies, provides a selection of 'then and now' photographs taken from the similar locations in Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay
and Sheung Wan (pages 128-140)
'HK Tram Milestones' records the important events for Hong Kong Tramways  since its formation in 1904 (pages 141-150)
'Our Partners' pages (151-158)
Being a photographic gallery, the amount of text is limited, but what text there is very well translated into English, making it a pleasure to read. Each photographer has created a unique gallery which reflects their style of photography and affection for Hong Kong's trams. Each time I look at the book, my favourite photograph changes, possible as a result of my mood changes!

All in all another excellent book and a must for any tram enthusiast.

 Title :  Tram Art Gallery
 Authors :  Bona Liu - Eric Lee - Kenny Yung - Kelvin Pang - Joe Fung
 Published by :  Tramric Product & Design Ltd
 Year of publication :  2013
 ISBN :  978-988-16655-8-4
 Size :   210 x 273 (landscape) 
 Pages :   158
 Cover :  Hardback
 Availability :  Published July 2013 
 Price :   HK$238


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