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Volvo Buses
in Hong Kong

This book was published in July 2011. It is written in Chinese by Dominic Kung and follows on from his book 'MCW Metrobus', published last year. Fortunately all the photographs have an English caption and most chapters have a short English introduction. This book introduces the first Volvo bus in Hong Kong, China Motor Bus Ailsa B55 (AV1) and includes all types up to the latest two-axle B9TL (AVBWS1). It also includes coach types such as the B7R, B9R etc...

Like so many Hong Kong publications, it is a great shame that it is not in English! As mentioned, the book covers all types of Volvo buses in Hong Kong, but also gives a brief overview of each type from around the world. There are plenty of photographs, many from the author, but other older ones, which I believe appear in print for the first time. These include shots from distinguished Hong Kong bus photographers TV Runnacles and John Shearman. The quality and colour of the photographs is better in this book, in my opinion, than those in the 'KMB and Long Win Fleet Book' published in January 2011.

It must always be difficult for an author, with so many photographs available, to decide how many to include and at what size, but I believe for this book, Dominic has got just the right balance. 

In my opinion, well worth the HK$238, or 19 (approx)! 

 A brief history of Volvo bus 
 Ailsa B55 
 Ailsa B55 worldwide
 KMB Olympians
 KMB Olympians in advertising liveries 
 Citybus Olympians 
 Citybus Olympians in advertising liveries
 CMB & NWFB Olympians 
 Metrobuses in Manchester
 KCR Olympians 
 Olympians worldwide 
 Citybus B6LE in advertising liveries 
 B6 buses worldwide 
98-105 B7 - a new option for coach
106-109 B7RLE
110-111 B7RLE worldwide
112-113 B9R/9600
114-128 B9TL
129-131 B9TL in advertising liveries
132-135 B9TL worldwide
136-140 B10M
141-143 B10MD
144-145 B10M worldwide
146-160 Super Olympian
161-163 Super Olympian in advertising liveries
164-165 Super Olympian in Singapore
166-168 B12
169 Brochures & leaflets
 Title :  Volvo Buses in Hong Kong
 Author :  Dominic K H Kung
 Published by :  Overground Publishing
 Year of publication :  2011
 ISBN :  978-988-18937-5-8
 Size :   190mm x 267mm
 Pages :   176
 Availability :  Published July 2011 
 Price :   HK$238

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