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42803 - Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer
Citybus "Cityshuttle"
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The model - this model appeared in Corgi's 'The Original Omnibus Company' July - December 1997 catalogue and was was issued in December 1997. The casting is that used by Corgi on previous UK liveried vehicles, with the exception that an air-conditioned pod is fitted. It is a fairly common, and no difficulty should be experienced in finding one in the 10-15 price range.

The bus - this bus is one of a batch of 21 Dennis Darts that were purchased for the takeover, in 1995, of 14 franchised routes for Hong Kong Island. They are used on routes serving Hong Kong's Mid-Levels area, where the size of the Dart makes it ideal for the narrow roads, yet capable of meeting the high passenger demand. It carries Citybus "Cityshuttle" logos, and is on route 511, the Central Express service. 

In 1999 these 21 vehicles returned to the UK with Stagecoach, and 13 of them were allocated to Stagecoach Devon.

 Manufacturer of model  Corgi
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Dart
 Prototype bodywork  Plaxton Pointer
 Prototype length  10 metre
 Fleet number  1419
 Registration number  GM7990
 Route number  511
 Destination  Central Express
 Commissioned by  Citybus
 Quantity (total)  10,000
Hong Kong
 Quantities (if known)
 Date released
December 1997
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Fleet no 1426 - Keith Wood

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