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MB105 - Dennis Dragon/Duple Metsec
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The model - announced on 3rd October 2001 is this release from Model Bus Evolution (MBE). Based on the 12-metre Dennis Dragon of Citybus Limited this model carries Japan Home Centre allover adverts. This limited edition model was launched in December 2001, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the advertiser, Japan Home Centre, who are one of the biggest Japanese-style chain stores in Hong Kong selling household ware. There are currently more than 100 local and overseas shops. As seen in the photographs below, the on-board broadcast equipment is fitted on this model to match with the real bus. In addition, each model include a discount coupon for shopping at any Japan Home Centre store!

The bus - 812 is one of eighty 12-metre Dennis Dragons delivered to Citybus between 1995 and 1997. They carry Metal Section (Metsec) bodies, which were assembled in Portugal, and also feature Alexander style front ends. Fleet nos 801-829 have a 3+2 seating layout, whilst 830-880 have 2+2. 812 entered service in January 1995. 

 Manufacturer of model  Model Bus Evolution
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Dennis Dragon
 Prototype bodywork  Duple Metsec
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  812
 Registration number  GH 469
 Route number  10
 Destination  Kennedy Town
 Quantity  1,088
 Date released - Hong Kong  17th December 2001
by Graham White

The casting is two piece, secured by two steel poles front and back. An updated interior is provided, which now includes the customary TV monitors and upper seating is arranged in a 3+2 layout.

 The upper (left) and lower (right) on board TV monitors 

Again the steering wheel is rather overscale and the front upper grab rail is not a separate moulding, being incorporated in the upper windscreen.  The wheels are excellent, with all touching the ground and rotating freely when removed from it's plinth. Windscreen wipers are of the etched type.The cast, high level housing for the rear number plate has gone, and the number plate is now situated at low level on the bumper. The destination screen is of the glazed type, with the details appearing "behind" the glass! 

The applied livery is very colourful and the applied decals are excellent. Being an authorised model, it carries Citybus logos and fleet numbers. 

Graham White
19th March 2002


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Photograph courtesy of Model Bus Evolution 

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