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hkbus1002 - Volvo B10TL 'Super Olympian'/Alexander
New World First Bus
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The model - the second Super Olympian from CMNL features New World First Bus Fleet No. 5007 in all-over "Ultra Heroes" decals. The model carries no NWFB fleetnames or logos, and is must therefore be assumed that it is not licensed by NWFB. 

The bus - Ultraman is the generic name for a series of Japanese live-action television shows produced between 1966 and 1998. Each series focused on at least one extraterrestrial "Ultra-hero" who arrives on Earth to fight various large monsters. Conveniently, each Ultra-hero can grow to over 200 feet tall. Each Ultra-hero had various energy emission powers, plus were experts in some form of hand-to-hand martial arts-style fighting. Virtually all of them also had one weakness: their energy would run out after a short time fighting. (Strangely enough, when this happened, they tended to "get serious" and use their most energy-draining attack on the monster(s).) When they weren't fighting monsters, they typically assumed the form of a human; each one either created their own human form, or merged with one (or, in one case, two) humans.

The Ultraman series are produced by Tsuburaya Productions. Tsuburaya Productions was started by Eiji Tsuburaya, the special effects master behind the early Godzilla films. His sons have carried on the tradition to this day.

 Manufacturer of model  Creative Master Northcord Ltd
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Volvo Super Olympian
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander ALX 500
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  5007
 Registration number  JD2968
 Route number  8
 Destination  Wan Chai Ferry Pier
 Quantity  4,000
      Hong Kong 
United Kingdom
 Date released
7th August 2001
November 2002
Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Click on image for larger photograph Click on image for larger photograph
Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

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