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DW10302 - Volvo B10TL 'Super Olympian'/Alexander
Kowloon Motor Bus
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The model - the second issue of Drumwell's Super Olympian casting was released in Hong Kong in late September 2001 and carries special decals to mark the delivery of KMB's 3000th Alexander bus

The bus - The 3,000th Alexander bodied bus, 3ASV78, entered service in June 2000 carrying this special livery. The 3ASV class now totals almost 500 vehicles and all but 20 have Alexander ALX 500 bodywork. The exceptions have Volgren bodies.

 Manufacturer of model  Drumwell
 Scale  1:76
 Prototype chassis  Volvo Super Olympian
 Prototype bodywork  Alexander ALX500
 Prototype length  12 metre
 Fleet number  3ASV78
 Registration number  JP6375
 Route number  101
 Destination  Kwun Tong (Yue Man Square)
 Quantity  3,000
 Date released - Hong Kong September 2001

Model Review
by William Ng

Drumwell’s latest KMB Volvo Super Olympian is in my opinion its best model to date. In fact, Drumwell’s version of the Super Olympian, to me, even surpasses Creative Master Northcord’s already very good casting. And, the Drumwell model is just as, if not more, superb as its most recent NWFB “Wave” liveried Neoplan Centroliner.

The casting of the ALX500 body is ultra sharp, with every outer rivet, grille, ridge, and panel faithfully reproduced. Even the ridged slats above the entrance and exit doors are impressively sharp. The overall shape and “look” of the model is incredibly proper and realistic, while the champagne/gold colour is highly finished, bright and robust. Drumwell has not missed the slight difference in the shape of the upper front profile of the Super Olympian and the ALX500 Dennis Trident. On the front face, the glass effect of the electronic destination board is reproduced, though the destination information is a bit on the dark side. However, the windscreen wipers are moulded, as expected nowadays, the rear-view mirrors appear to be on scale, and the headlamps and front marker lights are clear-lensed rather than painted on. From the sides, the lower and upper saloon bonded-glazed windows are smooth and accurate. The side destination box is inside the bus. The emergency door, emergency stop button, and fuel door is properly done. On the back, the glass effect is once again reproduced on the route number indicator. The a/c grille is sharply done. While the rear lights and repeater lights are painted, they are sharp and prominent. 

On the inside, most significant perhaps is that the ugly metal poles are gone! Personally, those poles really downgrade the realism of these great 1:76 models. Both the lower and upper saloons have full ceilings with the a/c grilles picked out in black, similar to those on the CM Northcord Super Olympian. The driver’s compartment is of dark-grey, moulded fibreglass and the instrument panel has printed instruments. Fare box and Octopus card reader and equipment are picked out in accurate colours. The front grab rail on the upper saloon is moulded – no surprise here –  but in a new twist, the rails behind the entrance and exit doors are also full mouldings and not printings on the glazing (!), though both are on the darker side of the proper yellow colour. As far as the seating goes, while the light pink colour still leaves a little to be desired, their shape and height are accurate and their thickness is of the correct scale. 

As for the livery and graphics, they are truly superb. In comparisons with photos of the actual Alexander 3000th, Drumwell has picked them out dead-on. While the livery isn’t as complex as past others, effort is needed to make sure the various “3000” emblems are in their correct positions. Especially nice are the “Alexander Mayflower and Coach” tampo prints on the windows on both bus sides and the green and yellow “3000”s  below the front windscreen and front bumper that are accurately “trimmed off.” My only minor gripe – and very minor, at that – is that the famous “KMB” logos are a bit large compared to the 1:1, hence there is a lack off “gold” space between with the bottom edge of the upper saloon window. 

Now, if Drumwell can attempt the standing yellow grab rails in their future models, which Collector’s Model does quite well… 

However, I believe wholeheartedly that this Drumwell is a new trendsetting model that’s certainly a must-have. Personally, this model brings the added joy of the memory of seeing the actual 3000th bus this past April in Wan Chai, HK, during my holiday.

11th October 2001 

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Photograph Kevin Yao

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