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MSD commissioned models
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Established in 2004, MSD was the first and pioneering seller of second-hand bus models in Hong Kong. Its well-known shop is located in the Apple Solo Shopping Mall, King Road in Tin Hau, opposite entrance A1 of Tin Hau MTR station. It launched its online shop, msdbus.com, in 2021, opening up pathways to provide more than 500 different types of bus models to its customers with worldwide free postage at the heart of its services, thus catering for customers across the globe.

In December 2023 it commissioned two Magic Bus liveried Duple Metsec Dennis Dragons, as detailed below. In April 2024, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, a further Dennis Dragon was commissioned, this carrying special 20th anniversary decals.


A single model featuring Stagecoach Manchester 'Magic Bus' Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dragon fleet no. 15190 (M690 TDB) on route 216 to Ashton.

Set - MSD001 & MSD002

A set of two Stagecoach Manchester 'Magic Bus' Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Dragons. One features the above model whilst the second features fleet no. 690 (M690 TDB) on route 192 with a destination displaying 'Not in Service'.


A single model with a special livery celebrating the 20th anniversary of MSD.

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