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Further news just received from Collector's Model is that the 1/50 scale MCW Metrobus will be available in small quantities in the UK. The price in Hong Kong is expected to be in the region of HK$400, whilst in the UK it is expected to be around the UK£40 mark.

The next release from Collector's Model, at 1/76 scale, is this unidentified CMB Leyland Victory Mk 2, on route 110 to Sai Wan Ho, carrying a "Keep Hong Kong Clean" all-over advert. It is limited to just 500 pieces. This same livery can be seen on New World First Bus LF 254 on page 65 of Danny Chan's Hong Kong Bus Advertising Handbook. Further details will appear when known.

30th March 2001

Corgi's KMB Victory (OM44801) is due to be released in Hong Kong next week.

April will also see the release of the New World First Bus Centroliner, and I have just received confirmation that publication of "Hong Kong Bus Models Volume 2" is also expected.

Watch this space for further news!!

29th March 2001

I believe that the Hong Kong issue of the Citybus Man/Volgren, which includes a CD, is to be known as Model No. OM45401, with the UK issue (without the CD) being known as OM45402. The Year of the Snake version will be OM 45403.
26th March 2001

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Soon to be released by Corgi is the above KMB Leyland Victory Mk 2 (OM44801) on route number 8 to Jordan Road Ferry.

The Buses Model Guy Arab Mk IV, in CMB's yellow and blue service vehicle livery (300800) was released in Hong Kong today.

24th March 2001


The above photographs are of Collector's Model new 1:50 scale MCW Metrobus, MC9, due to be released before the end of March, and limited to just 688 pieces. The Model No. is 70101

Additional, and higher resolution photos will appear tomorrow.

23rd March 2001

Owing to the increasing number of unsolicited messages now finding their way into my "Guestbook", I have decided to remove this facility from the site.
19th March 2001

I am again carrying out maintenance work on the site this weekend, and as a result, some links 
may be broken or photographs missing. My apologies for any inconvenience.

If you are on Digby's mailing list, then you have probably just received news that they are about to receive quantities of the China Paint "Flower Brand" Dennis Dragon and the KMB Year of the Snake Olympian. Prices are £45 and £25 respectively, plus the usual postage and packing.

17th March 2001

Issue 26 (April-May 2001) of Model Buses is now available, and this edition includes the results of their Model of the Year 2000, News from the London Toy Fair, and an excellent article by Simon Ayres, who examines the first offering from Buses Model Co. 

The Links page now includes some new links - check it out! 

15th March 2001

I am reliably informed that Citybus MAN, (OM45402) together with the accompanying CD, may be released later this month. Work is nearing completion on the CD, which is bi-lingual and apparently a very comprehensive piece of work. Most of the major events in the history of Citybus are covered, how it started, going to China, air-con buses, the breakfast route, Routemasters in China, franchised buses, airport, etc etc. Information on fleet purchasing policies and fleet livery are included, along with video clips of buses to the airport, Stanley and Kennedy Town.

It is not a VCD, as some people think, but a CD-ROM with text photo's and video clips that people can look at on a computer at their leisure.

As soon as a release date is known, I will let you know !!

Scanned image courtesy of Peter Harrison

More Citybus related information!  Peter Harrison has kindly sent me details, including the scanned image shown above, of his weekend acquisition at a swapmeet in the West Country. It features Corgi's Leyland Olympian (43205) in the standard Citybus livery, but with an additional Dragon motif added to both the nearside and offside. The Dragon motif is that applied to the nearside of Corgi's Volvo Olympian (43222), the KMB Dragon Boat Festival model.

In all other respects, it is a standard issue of 43205, the certificate being the same. 

Has anyone else come across this variation, or can anyone shed any further light on this subject?

It is confirmed that a small quantity of Corgi's New World First Bus Leyland Victory (44805), carrying "Farewell to the Victory" decals is to be made available in the UK later this year. In addition, it is rumoured that this may have a white roof, as opposed to the green.

14th March 2001

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Just announced is the next release from Buses Model Co., this being a Guy Arab Mk. IV in a yellow and blue service vehicle livery for China Motor Bus (300800). 

Photographs courtesy of World of Diecast

There are to be two versions of ABC Model's Metrobus ML2, each having a different destination , North Point and So Uk, and a different front grille arrangement. Due for release soon. 

10th March 2001


Yes another exclusive, this time courtesy of ABC Models. The first glimpse of a pre-production sample of ML2.  Further details will appear here shortly.

The Collector's Model "Shop theft is a crime" Leyland Victory (V202B) was released in Hong Kong today.

6th March 2001


The next Collector's Model release, expected shortly, is this KMB Victory, Fleet No. G155, (V202B) in an all-over crime prevention livery. 

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Released in Hong Kong today is ABC Model's CMB liveried Ailsa-Volvo, AV1 (000701).


I have just received the above photograph of a Peak Horse tram. This is the last variant to be produced from the dies and is limited to just pieces 800 worldwide and comes with a numbered photograph of an original in the same livery. 

These are available only from:

The National Tramway Museum (Bookshop)
Price is £19.95 plus £2.00 p&p (UK), overseas postage at cost.

Why not have a look at the Museum's website on www.tramway.co.uk

I am advised that the current edition of OOC's Bus Route indicates that a CD ROM featuring the history of Citybus will be available for purchase in its next issue.  This sounds like the CD alleged to be available with the HK issue of the MAN model.  It seems unlikely that this CD will be available with the UK MAN issue if the OOC magazine is advertising it as an 'exclusive' opportunity to purchase.

3rd March 2001
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