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The Collector's Model Victory carrying "Keep Hong Kong Clean" decals (V204B) was released in Hong Kong today. 

The New World First Bus Centroliner (20007), Fleet No 6008, on Route No. 2X to Shau Kei Wan  is due to be released in Hong Kong on 3rd May.
Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

80M Bus Model Shops, are, in conjunction with Citybus to launch the first trolley model bus - the 2001 Citybus Environmental Trolley Bus. As you can see from the above photograph, hand-made electric poles have been superimposed on top of the original Citybus vehicle.  There is to be no more than 800 of this  model available. The model bus is introduced to commemorate the operating - though on a very selected basis as Hong Kong is hilly - by Citybus of electric bus in certain areas of Hong Kong Island in May of this year. Click here here for details 

Photograph courtesy of Jotus Model Depot

Collector's Model have issued a "Matchbox" size CMB Metrobus MC9!!
Further details and photos, will appear here tomorrow

28th April 2001

For this latest batch of news I am indebted to Citybus, Keith Wood, Harold Cameron, Mike Toase, Dennis Law and HK Models.

Citybus's long-awaited MAN/Volgren (OM45401) is due to be released in Hong Kong tomorrow, and it is believed that demand for this model has already outstripped supply! 
The Year of the Snake liveried version (OM 45403) is making good progress, and is expected to be released mid May. It is on route 681 to Ma On Shan. 

It is believed that Corgi are bringing a further three Hong Kong models into the UK for release through Corgi Collector Centres (not to be confused with Gold Star dealers). The three are:-

44511  - KMB Trident/Duple Metsec in "Champagne" livery
44405 - Long Win Trident/Alexander in "Airbus" livery 
44804 - KMB Leyland Victory in the later 50/50 cream over red livery.
Collector's Model news is that confirmation has been received that Allsorts have received quantities of both the "Soy Sauce" (V201B) and "Shop Theft is a Crime" (V202B) Victory's, and although these have all been sold, further deliveries are expected. They have also placed orders for quantities of the following:- 
DA108B - KMB Dragon in Principle Insurance allover ad (they have one on display)
SF104A - Fleetline with Fuji Film allover ad 
DGS103 - 10.3m Dragon with Canon Ixus allover ad (presumably similar to the recently released DA55).
EFE have announced plans for a new casting of the Leyland Titan, and I ham advised that the Hong Kong Transport Society will be commissioning a model of CMB TC1.

It is believed that MBE will be producing a Dennis Dragon model with Ninjiom ("NJO") all-over adverts. This advert features a famous HK pop-song star, Miriam Yeung. Miss Yeung is well accepted by the young of Hong Kong, and is an idol of many bus enthusiasts!. NJO is a medicine for relief of sore throats. 

Citybus No. 856 carrying Ninjiom all-over advertising

It is expected that the model will be available during July 2001.

For further information on all the above - watch this space!!

24th April 2001

The first version of ABC's three-door Metrobus, ML2, (000811) was released in Hong Kong yesterday. Please note the revised product code - maybe the second version will be 000821?

The Nikon F65 liveried Trident shown on the 18th April, is actually a hand-decorated model, featuring  Joey Yung, a pop singer in Hong Kong. It is one of a number of buses decorated by Leslie Chan, and more of these excellent models can be viewed at his Website -  http://www.lesliechan.com/hksbp.
21st April 2001

Published today in Hong Kong is Danny Chan's "Daimler/Leyland Fleetline" book. Reviews of both this and the "Hong Kong Bus Models - Volume 2" book will appear here, if I am lucky enough to receive sample copies ! 

Having had several days break from the PC ( decorating, unfortunately, has had to take precedence! ) I return with not much news, but a couple of interesting photographs !

An unidentified Alexander bodied Trident with
Nikon all-over adverts - a future release ?
Photograph courtesy of Leslie Chan 
Citybus No.2282 carrying a special livery promoting
Ocean Park's Pacific Pier - a future release ?
Photograph courtesy of the Dennis Law Collection
18th April 2001

Due for publication shortly is Danny Chan's latest book - "Daimler/Leyland Fleetline", published by Northcord Transport. 
The second volume of "Hong Kong Bus Models" was published in Hong Kong yesterday.
13th April 2001

Released in Hong Kong yesterday were ABC's Guy Arab Mk V "Long Dragon" (001101) and Collector's Model 1:50 scale Metrobus (MCW70101). Confirmation has been received that Corgi's "Greener Buses" Metsec/Trident (44513) and Ocean Park set (45007a & 45007b) have been released here in the UK. 

The next release from ABC Models will be Version 1 of ML2, expected in approximately two weeks time. 

NWFB have released a ferry - Xin Xian - but it isn't the one shown on my February News page - it is a standard double deck ferry and not a catamaran. Manufacturers are Arko Model Co.

Photographs courtesy of Jotus Model Depot
7th April 2001

Photograph courtesy of
80M Bus Model Shop

Due for publication, in Hong Kong, on 12th April, is the second volume of "Hong Kong Bus Models". 
Further details can be viewed here.

Corgi's KMB Victory Mk 2 is numbered OM44801 , falling in line with their wonderful new numbering policy!!

5th April 2001

I believe that Corgi's KMB Victory (OM44801) was released in Hong Kong yesterday. Confirmation required please. Also, can anyone confirm the two UK releases - Citybus's Ocean Park Set and Greener Buses Trident?

Due for publication during mid-April is a new book from Northcord Transport. This book tells the story of the Daimler/Leyland Fleetline with particular reference to Hong Kong. Although the main body of text is in Chinese, the captions are bi-lingual.

4th April 2001

Due to be released this week in the UK are two Corgi Citybus models. The first is the "Greener Buses" Duple/Metsec Trident (44513), whilst the second is the "Ocean Park" Gift Set (45007a & 45007b). I am grateful to Terry Stapley for this information.
1st April 2001
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