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Well, just as I was about to relax, having counted the bulk of the votes cast in the "Best New Casting of 2001 and Best Advertising/Promotional livery of 2001", news has just been received of more new releases in Hong Kong.

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Hong Kong Model Co. have today issued two CMB Guy Arab UF (1954), each limited to 1,500 pieces.

  The first is HK4223 on Route 2 - Shau Ki Wan (768043A)
  The second 4143 on Route 5  - Tai Hang (768043B)

They are now on sale priced at HK$278 each. 

New pages and further photos will be uploaded tomorrow. 

31st December 2001

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong on Monday (31st) is this Daimler "D" from Cars Workshop (38002). 

So far, over 180 votes have been received for the "Best New Casting of 2001 and Best Advertising/Promotional livery of 2001.

You have until 23.59hrs GMT on 31st December 2001 to cast your vote!!

29th December 2001

Corgi's KMB MAN was released in Hong Kong earlier this week (OM45201).

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas 
and Best Wishes for 2002.

Don't forget, you have until 31st December to vote for your best new casting of 2001 and best advertising/promotional livery of 2001

21st December 2001

As previously mentioned, Citybus has kindly agreed to provide a model of their forthcoming Driver Training liveried Dennis Condor as a prize for the this year's vote. CMNL has also kindly offered to provide a pre-production sample of Creative Master Northcord Ltd's SBS Transit liveried Volvo Olympian. As a result I have decided to hold two separate votes:-



The Japan Home Centre liveried Citybus Dragon from Model Bus Evolution (MB-105) was released in Hong Kong yesterday (17th). New photographs have just been uploaded.

18th December 2001

Photographs courtesy of Citybus

Pictured above is the Citybus Driver Training Dennis Condor, due to be released in Hong Kong in early January. New photographs have just been uploaded. Thanks to Citybus, this model is being offered as a prize in our "Model of the Year Vote", details of which will appear here shortly. 

The SBS Transit single (CMN-SBS-01) and twin-pack (CMN-SBS-02) Volvo Olympians were released in Hong Kong yesterday, and new photos have just been uploaded. 

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Pictured above is one of the NWFB "toy" buses recently released - other pictures will follow, once I find the time to upload these!! They are produced for NWFB by Realtoy International Ltd.

14th December 2001

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Collector's Model

KMB's Dennis Dragon AD256 (DA-2002), carrying all-over advertising for Chinese Wine, is to be Collector's Model first release in 2002. Quantities are not yet known, but the model will be released in January.

12th December 2001

Photographs courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

The new KMB MAN/Berkhof was unveiled today. It is in fact a Corgi model (OM45201) and features Fleet no. AMN 7, on route 60X to Tuen Mun Centre. It is limited to 5,000 pieces and is due to be released shortly. My thanks to 80M Bus Model Shop for this information.

Model of the Year - 2001

I will shortly be giving you the opportunity to vote for your "Model of the Year - 2001". Like previous years, you will be able to vote for your top three models and at the close of the vote, your first choice model will receive 3 points, your second choice model 2 points, and your third choice model 1 point. The model receiving the highest number of points will be the winner. Second and third place models will also be announced.

What is different this year is that should your choice be the same as that of the overall vote, you will be included in a draw, the winner of which will receive the forthcoming Drumwell Citybus Dennis Condor in Driver Training livery.

I am sure this will add extra interest to this end-of-year bit of fun, and I am very grateful to Citybus, who have kindly agreed to provide this model.

Full details of how to vote will appear shortly.


11th December 2001

The release date for the SBS Transit "twin pack" is 10 December 2001 and it will be available at all SBS bus interchanges and the Company HQ. The price is SG$98 for the "twin pack" and the "single pack" is being used as a prize for a contest to commemorate the launch of the new corporate identity and the 28th anniversary of SBS. It is not known if the single pack will be sold separately. My thanks to James Lee for this information.

Whilst on the subject of these models, Stephen Cho has kindly pointed out some differences between two batches of SBS Olympians, which is interesting. 
The models in the "twin pack" are both SBS 9228C (does the 9228 have a significance?) whilst the single model is SBS 9388Z.

SBS 9200-9399
SBS 9401-9670
Stainless Steel
Yellow DiPTAC spec
Rear window
Interior and seats
Pink seats and red panels

By looking at the models, they all fall into the right-hand column, but their registrations put them into the left-hand column!!  One other minor point, the models are missing the yellow triangle sign with "!" on the nearside mirror.

For further information visit Stephen Cho's "KMB 2E" website

The NWFB "toys" (See News - 4 December) should now be available through the following outlets:-

80M Bus Model Shop, New World Department Store, Toys R'Us, Sogo, Uni, Japan Home Centre, Jusco ,Wing On Department Store, Watson's and Manning
If you haven't checked out the New World First Bus Website lately, then I would recommend you do so, as it has had a major revamp!

As in previous year's, I will shortly be giving you the opportunity to vote for your "Model of Year - 2001". 

8th December 2001


I am pleased to announce the launch of a new model bus website entitled

British Model Buses

As the name implies, this site provides news and information primarily about 1/76th (4mm) scale British Model Buses produced by ABC Models, Corgi OOC, Creative Master Northcord, Collector's Model, EFE and Peak Horse.

This site, which has been created by Gareth Jones, is intended to be a "Sister" site to mine, and will cater specifically for the needs of "British model bus" collectors. Why not check it out by following the above link!

May I take this opportunity to wish Gareth every success in this new venture.

6th December 2001

independent transport videos are about to release a new video entitled "Singapore Bus Services - Update 2001" (pictured right). This video was shot in April 2001 and shows the Singapore bus fleet in a 'look' it has had for many years.

Also available, and not previously reported is independent transport videos highly successful 'original', (pictured left) filmed in October 1999 and which shows the company's vehicles at many locations on the island. 

 Full details of both videos can be found by visiting the independent transport videos website 

The retail price for each video is UKŁ17.00, including p+p within the UK (RoW - UKŁ20.00), 
however, as a special introductory offer, both are being offered for UKŁ30.00,
including p+p within the UK (RoW - UKŁ35.00).

Another exclusive tomorrow - watch this space!!!

5th December 2001

New World First Bus yesterday issued some "toy" Dennis Trident models, featuring both Duple Metsec and and Alexander ALX500 bodies. Full details are not yet known, but it is believed  that there are two ALX500 versions, one being Fleet No. 1001. There are also two Duple Metsec versions, Fleet No. 3002 - 100th NWFB livery (Which of course should be 3001!) and 3003 - Tseung Kwan O route livery (a livery not actually carried by such vehicles!)

1001 comes in a special box-set which includes a bus shelter, bus-station, two service vehicles and one small NWFB bus (Hino double decker - Tomica #1).

The selling price of the single bus is HK$59.9 and the boxset is HK$99.9. 

I am grateful to Leslie Chan for providing this information.

Photograph courtesy of Leslie Chan 
4th December 2001

The Buses Model Co. "Hotline" Leyland Olympian (LO20101-680), released yesterday in Hong Kong, has a free model with it, being the yellow and blue short wheelbase Guy Arab CMB service vehicle (300800). 
2nd December 2001

My thanks to all of you who e-mailed me this morning advising that you had received your KMB Dennis Dragon subscriber model from EFE.

I am reliably informed that New World First Bus are to issue a model of their Volvo Super Olympian (Fleet no. 5070) which carries the "Euro III Buses Lead the Pace" special livery, as pictured below.  It is expected that Creative Master Northcord will produce the model.

Photograph of courtesy of Dennis Law

The Buses Model Co. "Hotline" Leyland Olympian (LO20101-680) was released in Hong Kong today. 

1st December 2001
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