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I can advise that the next KMB release will not be the S3V Olympian.
25th January 2002

Neoplan 6008 has confirmed ownership of the photograph of LM2 (and of the model itself !) and has forwarded further details, which can be found here.

Photograph courtesy of of Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club

Following on from yesterday's news about the Nikon F55 Camera, pictured above is New World First Bus No.1107 carrying a very attractive livery, again featuring Ms Joey Yung.

18th January 2002

Photograph of Buses Model LM2
Courtesy of Neoplan 6008

Pictured above is Buses Model Co. Leyland Olympian, fleet number LM2, with the destination blind showing "PING SHEK" , on route 111. I am informed that the production quantity is just 30 and it is apparently a prize for the lucky draw organised by Buses Model Co.- if you know any further details, please e-mail me. 

Photograph courtesy of Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club

Photograph courtesy of Ms Jinny Lau


A new product launch party was held at The Hotel Inter-Continental Hong Kong yesterday for the new Nikon F55 camera.

The above photograph is the new tram model fleet number 118 with destination blind "Happy Valley". The advertisement is for the Nikon F55 Camera with the Singer Joey Yung. It is a "NOT FOR SALE" product and it will be packed with the F55 or F55D Camera. The quantity is 3,500.

The second photograph shows Ms. Joey Yung holding the signed Nikon F65 Bus Stop Shelter Model.

A new bus advertisement of Nikon F55 can be seen soon!

I am grateful to both Jeffrey Keung of the Cosmopolis Bus Fan Club, Dennis Law and Ms Jinny Lau for this information.

This photograph will at last satisfy those visitors finding this site using
the search "oriental + models" !!!

17th January 2002

KMB will release the "Year of the Horse" bus after the Lunar New Year (12-14 February).  It is confirmed that Citybus will use the Duple Metsec 2301 bus for the "Year of the Horse" bus model.

KMB are also to introduce another bus model in late January, to compensate for the delay in the launch of the "Year of the Horse" bus. 

An unconfirmed report has stated that this KMB model is one of their 11m non-A/C Volvo Olympians (i.e. The S3V-class). It is expected that the casting from Buses Model Co. will be used. A photo showing a newly assembled S3V-class Olympian is below, HOWEVER, another unconfirmed report states that the model will be a Daimler "A" from Car's Workshop  -  Watch this space!!!!!.

Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law
16th January 2002

Photograph courtesy of Mr. Eric Shun

New World First Bus have applied a special 'Feast of Harvest' livery to Dennis Trident/Alexander No. 1131 and it is also confirmed that a model based on this livery will be released during February.

15th January 2002

Photograph courtesy of Mr Andy Yung

Citybus have applied their "Year of the Horse" livery to Dennis Trident/Duple Metsec No. 2301. 
Need I say more about a future model release.....?

Photograph courtesy of Citybus

MAN/Volgren No. 2500 has been repainted into the new corporate livery, as shown in the above photograph. Another future model release?

14th January 2002

Three new releases in as many days............

On 10th January, the C'sM Dennis Dragon in Chinese Wine overall advertising (DA-2002) was released in Hong Kong, followed by Drumwell's Citybus Dennis Condor T1 in Driver Training livery (DW10204) on 11th January, and today saw the release of CMNL's NWFB "Euro III buses lead the pace" liveried Volvo Super Olympian (20008).

12th January 2002

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Mr Andy Yung

Pictured above is an interesting release, limited to only 300 pieces, and commissioned by China Paint. It is a Volvo Super Olympian in Citybus livery, with China Paint "rear-end" advertising. It is certainly a mystifying choice of vehicles as Citybus don't have any Super Olympians. The model carries fleet number 410, making it out to be a "normal" Volvo Olympian. It is on route 72A to Wong Chuk Hang. It is believed that it is a Drumwell model. Further photos can be found here

5th January 2002

The full results of the recent Vote can now be viewed here
3rd January 2002


The results of the voting are as follows:-


1st place - Buses Model Co.- Leyland Olympian

2nd place - Corgi - MAN/Volgren

3rd place - Drumwell - Volvo Super Olympian


1st place - 3,000th Alexander - Volvo S/Olympian

2nd place - Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa - Dennis Dragon

3rd place - KMB Green Bus - Neoplan Centroliner

The winner of each category has been e-mailed, and full details of the poll will be published here shortly.

1st January 2002
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