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Citybus 2500 in original livery
Photograph courtesy of Tony Cutler

A very enjoyable day was spent today at the North Weald Bus Rally, during which I managed to acquire a few outstanding models for my collection. With the forthcoming release of the Citybus 2500 in original livery, one objective was to try and find a photograph of the real bus in this livery. This was achieved, thanks to the excellent selection of quality Hong Kong bus photographs from Tony Cutler, and the result is pictured above - a larger scanned image is included in the relevant page for this model (OM45405).
My thanks to Tony for allowing me to use the photo on my site.

I also brought home the latest DVD in the series 'Far East Bus Fleets' from Independent Transport Videos, this being Kowloon Motor Bus 2003, details of which I will add to the site shortly. 

Below are a few of my highlights of the Rally.

27th June 2004

No new model news to report, but I can confirm that Creative Master Northcord Leyland Olympian coaches hkbus 2002 (Megabus) and hkbus2003 (Cross-Border livery) are now available in the UK. Also a reminder that Corgi's Citybus MAN/Volgren fleet no.2500 is to appear in two new liveries later in the year, the Stagecoach style corporate livery (OM45404) and it's original livery (OM45405), both being available here in the UK. 

Those eagle-eyed visitors to the site will have noticed a revised layout to some of the newer model pages, including those mentioned above, with the descriptive text being divided between the model and the bus. The task to update every model page in this new format is obviously a major one, so if you are able to provide the necessary information, in the required format, for one or even two models, please do so, as it would make my life alot easier and would update the site much quicker.

I have received an updated report regarding DM21, as featured in the last News item (20th June), and this advises that the damage to DM21 is not as bad as reported - it is only engine compartment damage. The fire was extinguished quite quickly, and there is external scorching and smoke damage to the rear engine compartment.

26th June 2004

Success at last!!

My long search for Danny Chan's 1999 Hong Kong Yearbook is over. Having made my first appeal back in February 2002 (and several others since then!) I was recently contacted by regular visitor to the site Jef Johnson, who, having come across the book on a list of second-hand books for sale, purchased it knowing I was looking for it. Not only that, but concerned for it's safety in the hands of the Royal Mail, he delivered it personally to me today - Thank you Jef

On a less happier note, it's now been confirmed that NWFB has sold their "last hot-dog" - DM28 - to a scrapyard. It is believed that DM28, together with a number of other DMs, will become a source of spare parts for the DAs and the remaining DMs still in service in various forms. Already sold for scrap are DM5 and DM21, although whilst in a tunnel on its final journey to the scrapyard, DM21 suffered a major problem which resulted in the vehicle being completely burnt out.

20th June 2004

AMN31 - A Volgren bodied MAN 24.310
Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

KMB's magazine "KMB Today" has announced that Cars Workshop will issue a new model featuring one of the Company's Volgren bodied MANs, serving route 260X. 

18th June 2004

Car Model Box have failed to respond to any of my recent e-mails, and they continue to use my photographs on their site without my permission. In view of this, together with their poor record in customer service and apparent non-delivery of items that have been paid for, I would strongly recommend against anyone contemplating ordering models through this site. I have also decided to remove details of their planned plastic model of TC1. 
10th June 2004

I have just received the latest edition of Bus Focus, the magazine of Bus Fan World.
This includes regular features such as Route Updates, which gives details of new routes, cancelled routes and modified routes, and the top five Transport News Headlines. Special features in this edition are:-
West Rail Focus  -  Trans-Island Chinalink  -  King Long Coaches from China  -  Mercedes Benz Vario and Vario Omnibus  - Mtrans Lion’s Star  -  Buses in Nottingham  -   MLs Operating in Perth  -  NWS Holdings’ Brand Image for Citybus & NWFB  - Discovery Bay’s New Bus Livery  -  DMS763 – Is it a Bus or a Warehouse?

6th June 2004

New photographs of the Buses Model Co KMB Olympian AL1 (AL04088) have been added, together with a photograph of the real vehicle.

Also added is a photograph of the actual Leyland Olympian 3BL13 (38802), recently modelled by Cars Workshop. 

Despite e-mailing Car Model Box on 26th May to ascertain the current position regarding outstanding orders for the Brother Dragon, I have yet to be favoured with a reply - a further e-mail has been sent tonight.

3rd June 2004
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