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The July 2004 edition of Diecast Collector is now available, and features the second part of their 'Model Bus Pictorial'. This supplement focuses on East Asian models, and includes many Hong Kong buses. Well worth the 3.30 cover price.

As part of the ongoing improvements to the site, new photographs have recently been added for three ABC Models, namely CM1, the CMB MCW Metrorider (001201), MCW Metrobus ML25 in CMB "Hotline" livery (000801) and sister vehicle ML22, in standard CMB livery (000802).

29th May 2004

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Appearing in retail outlets in Hong Kong during the evening of Thursday 27th, this Buses Model Olympian AL1 (AL04088) is officially released tomorrow. New photographs have just be added.

I understand that several visitors to this site are still awaiting the delivery of their Brother Dragon models ordered through Car Model Box, despite the fact that payment was made some while ago. My understanding of the situation is that if they (Car Model Box) were unable to secure the models by the end of May, they would be offering customers a full refund. I have e-mailed them again recently to clarify the position, and hope to be able to report back very shortly. 

27th May 2004

I've just been informed by a reliable source that New World First Bus may give up on the planned preservation of a number of ex-China Motor Bus buses which are currently parked at Wong Chuk Hang Depot. One of the key reasons is that the Hong Kong Government has no plan to set up a museum for these buses while NWFB claims they don't have the space to keep them, let alone the cost to maintain them properly. These buses include LF26, SF3, ML81, MB5, DS1, LV30, Ex-LX261 (Cash Collecting Bus), plus a number of Guy Arab service vehicles.

If there's anybody who seriously wishes to preserve any of these buses, I would strongly suggest that they should contact NWFB as soon as possible, before it is too late. 

25th May 2004

 Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

I have just received an unconfirmed report saying that KMB will soon model one of their Volgren bodied Volvo Super Olympians. It is not known which model manufacturer will be involved, nor the proposed time of its release. Pictured above is Volgren bodied 3ASV447 (KT6487) serving on route 85K in Ma On Shan.

The June edition of Buses magazine carries a half page advertisement, placed by Citybus Ltd/New World First Bus Services Ltd, headed Buses for Sale, and part of it reads "These two large Hong Kong franchised bus operators are now under common ownership and are thus rationalising their networks. This will render surplus and make available for disposal a range of very modern step entrance and low floor air-conditioned single and double-deck buses largely to UK specification. All buses are maintained to the highest possible engineering and fleet presentation standards and are free from vandalism."

22nd May 2004

I have just uploaded new photographs of the KMB 3-door Leyland Olympian 3BL13 (38802).

Whilst on the subject of photographs, I note that quite a few from my site are being used on various on-line auction sites, both here in the UK and in Hong Kong, and I would like to remind anyone contemplating using any photograph from my site, for such a purpose, that using such a photograph, without permission, contravenes both copyright and also the guidelines set out by the auction site itself. One popular site in the UK is e-bay, and below is an extract of one of their guidelines relating to photographs, the full content of which can be found here  -  it reads:-

"No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your auction listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners."

I am now monitoring the various sites, and will have no hesitation in using the appropriate measures open to me
to protect my photographs.

Permission to use any photograph on this site 
must be obtained in advance of use.

18th May 2004

KMB Leyland Olympian Livery is to appear in standard KMB  air-con livery and is expected to be released towards the end of this month. Again produced by Buses Model Co., this version is on Route 6c to Kowloon City Ferry, and is limited to 3,000 pieces.
15th May 2004

Photograph of AL1 - Courtesy of Pong

'KMB Today' announces that there is to be a further release of Leyland Olympian AL1 - no other details are yet known.

10th May 2004

For those interested in knowing what, if any, differences exist between the first version of the KMB Wrightbus issued back in January and the second version, released last weekend, have a look at the new photographs just uploaded (DW10502).
5th May 2004
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