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Following the recent influx of news on real buses, a new page has been added to the Xtra section of the site, which includes this information together with photos.

Whilst on the subject of real buses, Dave Rogers website which features his two ex-Citybus Leyland Olympians, now has a 'Photo of the Month', and the first for December is a very seasonal one!

30th November 2004

Photograph of Enviro 500 ATE33
Courtesy of Donald MacRae

I am reliably informed that KMB's Enviro 500 model will be issued by Cars Workshop, featuring ATE33 on route no.182 to Yu Chui Court. The quantity issued will be 3,000. A pre-production sample is on display at the Allied Plaza shop of 80M Bus Model Shop

Further 'real' bus news and photos will appear here tomorrow. 

29th November 2004

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is the Cars Workshop KMB Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Jubilant (38999). My thanks to 80M Bus Model Shop for again providing the photos for use on this site at the same time as publishing them on their own site. 

Further details have been added to the page for the Creative Master Northcord Mitsubishi Fuso KL-MP37JM CNG in Sendai City Bus livery (JB1008). I collected my model today and hope to upload new photos over the weekend.

26th November 2004

With the current lull in news of models, some general news is as follows:-
The new Alexander Dennis website was launched today. 

DTS Publishing has announced that they will soon publish a new book called "Hong Kong Trams - Hong Kong Tramways 100 Years". It is expected that this book should be available in Hong Kong during late December or early January. The UK RRP printed on the cover is 21. 

Four ex-KMB S3BLs have been sold to Ove Arup & Partners for delivery to Beijing. They include:
                 S3BL206-DT3076   -   S3BL208-DT3269   -   S3BL209-DT3329   -   S3BL210-DT4016
These four Olympians will be used for crash tests in order to evaluate the impact on different types of crash barriers, before the most suitable type is introduced to HK. It is expected that the crash tests will be carried out in Beijing during December.

25th November 2004

Pictured above is the third in a series of books devoted to the London Transport DMS type Daimler Fleetline. This volume continues the story started in DMS ColourScene 1979-1984 and DMS ColourScene Hong Kong and details the vehicles after their sale by London Transport. 

It again features the personal photographs of Nigel Eadon-Clarke, plus some very rare photographs of examples taken in two Northern China cities, namely Dailan (1997-2001 ) and Jilin (1998). These photographs were taken by Lennox MacEwan.

The UK photographs start in 1985 and continue until 1988. Also featured are photographs taken during Nigel's initial visits to the USA and includes examples in Denver, Chicago and New York. The Hong Kong and Guangzhou photographs cover the period 1981-1995.

The book retails for 21, however I am pleased to report that visitors to this site can receive a 10% reduction on the cover price (post free within UK). For further details click here. Also available at the discounted price of 15 (post free within UK) is DMS ColourScene Hong Kong.

19th November 2004

KMB has announced that their next model issue will be the 2nd version of Jubilant model. The quantity issued will be 2,000, and the destination will show "Lok Fu, 103". 

Bus Fan World has just released the 46th issue of Bus Focus magazine. Major contents include:

 - Rationalisation of Cross-border Routes at Huanggang
 - Delivery of new King Long Coaches
 - Ex-CMB/NWFB's DC6 @ Discovery Bay
 - MAN 16.280 coaches for Argos Bus
 - Fleet List Update - KMB's Training Fleet
 - Ex-KMB's 3BLs in Manchester City
 - Ex-KMB's Buses in Mass Transit, South Yorkshire
 - Ex-Citybus single-deckers in Stagecoach Devon
 - Skypier's Scania L94UB
 - Showbus 2004
 - Route Improvements on NWFB's Rts. 701 and 702
 - KCRC Westrail's Weekend Tour Bus Route
 - Supersize Tyres - 455/45R22.5
 - Tourist Coach Rally in Guangzhou
 - Global Bus Focus - Paris
 - Ex-KMB's Victory IIs in Tsing Ma Control Area
 - Dedicated Routes for Aerobatic Display on 20 October

It has also been mentioned in the fleet updates section of "Bus Focus" that 30 ex-16XX class Tridents from NWFB will be sold to KCRC, while DA5 and DA8 have been sold to an operator in the UK. CTB's remaining six Volvo B10M coaches have also been sold to Ensignbus, UK.

A separate and unconfirmed report has claimed that NWFB will sell 10 of their 20XX-class Darts to KCRC very soon.

BSI Hobbies has officially announced that it's new book, "The Development of Hong Kong Island Bus Routes in 20th Century", will be released in Hong Kong on 5th December. Members of the following online discussion boards can enjoy a discounted price at Bus Fan World's stall in KMB's "Bus Captain of the Year" carnival on that day. 

http://www.hkitalk.net                    http://www.funchannel.hk
16th November 2004

Following on from yesterday's news regarding the possibility of an Enviro 500 model, I have received an excellent photo of some of KMB's new Volvo B9TLs with Alexander 'Enviro500' style bodywork. This has been added to the Xtra section of the site.
13th November 2004

Photograph of Enviro 500 ATE45
courtesy of Dennis Law

I have received an unconfirmed report which states that KMB may release a new model featuring one of their ATE-class Enviro 500s in December or January. There's no information regarding the manufacturer at the moment.

Some news of the real buses is that NWFB has sold a number of it's 10.6metre Alexander bodied Tridents (Fleet Nos. 16xx) to KCRC - the exact number has yet to be confirmed. The Volvo and Leyland Olympians (VA and LA) that had been leased by KCRC from NWFB have been returned to NWFB.

It is also reported that DA1 to DA40 will be withdrawn shortly, following a widescale review of CTB and NWFB routes. Apparently DA4, DA6 and DA7 have already been sold to Dubai. 

12th November 2004

The site celebrates it's 6th Birthday today

The Cars Workshop KMB Leyland Olympian (39101) is due to be released in Hong Kong today.

5th November 2004

Thanks to 80M Bus Model Shop I have now uploaded more photographs of the Cars Workshop KMB Leyland Olympian (39101), featured in yesterdays News.
3rd November 2004

Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

As reported back in September, the KMB version of the ECW bodied Leyland Olympian (39101) is to be released by Cars Workshop, and the above photograph shows that like the Best Choose CMB version, this will be another fine model. Further photos of the model can be viewed at the 80M Bus Model Shop website. 

2nd November 2004
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