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It is not my policy to aid e-bay sellers by drawing visitors attention to them on my site, but I am happy to make an exception in this instance, the reasons for the sale having been disclosed to me. Why not have a look and see what 'tonyvoz' has to offer. Currently on auction are many EFE models together with  most of the Hong Kong models issued by ABC Models, with more, I am told, to follow in the weeks ahead. 

I am advised by Mike Davis, author of the HongKong Tramways 100 Years book, that it is widely available here in the UK at most stockists of transport books, as well as from Mike himself at DTS Publishing - just follow the link. Mike tells me that this book has outsold all expectations and could sell-out quite soon - be warned!

27th February 2005

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of William Mok

Released in Hong Kong a few weeks ago (8th February to be exact) was the second version of resin China Motor Bus DD1 from P & T. I am extremely grateful to William Mok for providing an excellent set of photographs, more of which can be viewed by following the link.

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Peter Lea Vosen

I am grateful to Tony Vozniak for informing me of a model release which, up to now, I was not aware of. It is a further version of Drumwell's Citybus Volvo Super Olympian and features the same bus as DW10303B but comes with a Boeing 747SP (short jumbo) in the colours of Australia Asia and comes in a box which gives the appearance that it is a book and is entitled The Mystery of Herpa - Volume 1. Quantities are limited to just 150. 

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Peter Lea Vosen

Since Tony contacted me, I have carried out some further research on this model, and thanks to Peter Lea Vosen's superb website on Herpa planes, I have discovered a couple more interesting examples. The above set, which again is limited to 150 pieces, features a British Airways Boeing 747-400 with a Wanalu Dreaming tail. This comes in a box similar to that mentioned above, entitled The Mystery of Herpa - Volume 2. The bus in this set is DW10207, the Citybus Dennis Dragon and the set was released on 23rd September 2003. 

Click on image for larger photograph
Photograph courtesy of Peter Lea Vosen

Finally (unless you know different!) The Mystery of Herpa Volume 3 includes the Model Bus Evolution China Paint liveried Duple Metsec bodied Dragon, which also appeared back in 2001 with an Airbus plane. It is believed this set was issued in July last year. The plane featured is a British Airways Boeing 747-400 with a 'Japan' tail.

It is believed all the above sets were issued by Expresso Wings, Hong Kong. If you are able to provide any further information, e-mail me

It has been announced that KMB has placed an order for 25 Volvo B9TL double-deck buses with bodies by Wrightbus. They are due to be delivered by October.

26th February 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Mr John Tong

Pictured above is KMB's third Volvo B9TL operating on Route 102 for the first time. This Wright bodied example has been allocated fleet no. AVBW1 (LU3739). Further photos of the second Volvo B9TL with Enviro500 bodywork have tonight been added to the Xtra section of the site. New World First Bus have also repainted open top Dennis Condor DM6 in a new Peak Tram livery and some more photos of ex-Hong Kong buses now in the UK have been added.

12th February 2005

Bus Fan World has just released the 47th issue of Bus Focus magazine. Major contents include:

- The opening of KCR Ma On Shan Rail Extension
- Noise Barriers at CTB's Tung Chung Depot
- Panda Bus - The 3rd Generation
- New Livery of Huanggang Cross-Border Coaches
- Ex-NWFB's 10.6m Tridents now with KCRC
- MTrans Lion's Shuttle MAN 11.220
- Yu Tong Coaches
- Zhong Tong Coaches
- MCV Bodied Dennis Dart SLFs in Macau
- Updates on Cross-Border Coaches
- Global Bus Focus - Glasgow
- 10 Years of Changes in Foshan's Bus Services
- Pioneer of CMB's A/C Routes - 504 & 537

I have now uploaded more photographs of the forthcoming Megabus 'In & Out of London' liveried Olympian from Creative Master Northcord (hkbus2005). As you will see from these photos, this model now features the on-board toilet fitted to the real vehicles since their return to the UK. 

9th February 2005


Photograph courtesy of
John Ayrey Die-Casts Ltd

Pictured above is the first glimpse of the next Megabus liveried Olympian from Creative Master Northcord (hkbus2005). Note that the photo shows a pre-production sample. Further photos will be uploaded shortly. 

8th February 2005

If you are struggling to keep track of all the models released, which ones you have and which ones you want, then 'The Near Definitive List' is just for you!  It follows the same format as the site, listing models by model manufacturer, and provides a 'check' box for your own use. I've called it 'The Near Definitive List' because information about release dates and general availability is sometimes difficult to confirm. This is especially true for models released before my interest began. The list contains 26 pages and comes in a plastic 'clip-file' with a clear front, enabling the glossy cover (shown above) to be seen. 

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, which should be available later this month, or require any further information, please e-mail me.

6th February 2005

 Photographs courtesy and copyright of
Citybus, New World First Bus and Jotus.com

I have just uploaded photographs of the actual Citybus and New World First Bus 'Year of the Rooster' buses which were unveiled earlier this week. These photographs can be found on the Xtra pages of the site. I am extremely grateful to both Citybus and New World First Bus for allowing me to use them and a special thank you to Jotus.com for sending them to me.

 Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

 Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Pictured above are some new 'toy' releases. The top photo shows the popular radio controlled Alexander bodied Trident, previously released in varying Citybus liveries, and this time carrying KMB's champagne livery.

The lower photograph shows Cars Workshop 'Q bus', this representing KMB's Wrightbus.

80M Bus Model Shop have introduced an e-shop to their website, and customers who register with them are able to use the PayPal system to purchase their orders. 

I am advised The University Museum and Art Gallery at The University of Hong Kong will have the following two exhibitions starting from 1/2/2005:

             1/2/05  -  4/4/2005 Early Hong Kong Tramways
             1/2/05  -  13/3/2005 Hong Kong Tramways: Photography by David Young, Ricky Poon and Ella Tam

Further information can be seen here (link now removed 9/2/10) -  photographs of the Early Hong Kong Tramways exhibition will be posted shortly

On the subject of  Hong Kong Tramways, a new book called "Early Hong Kong Tramways" has just been released by 'University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong'. It includes mainly historical photos and information regarding the development of Hong Kong Tramways, as well as the Peak Tram, from 1888 to 2004. Further details about the book are as follows:

ISBN: 962803839-7
Published by: 
University Museum and Art Gallery, 
The University of Hong Kong
Title: Early Hong Kong Tramways
Author; Cheng Po Hung
Price: HKD$200
Number of Pages: 200
Date of Release: 31/1/2005
4th February 2005

 Photograph courtesy of 80M Bus Model Shop

Due to be released in Hong Kong tomorrow (Thursday) is the KMB 'Year of the Rooster' Olympian from Corgi (OM43204). 

 Photograph courtesy of Dennis Law

Both Citybus and New World First Bus unveiled their respective 'Year of the Rooster' liveries yesterday. Both companies have used Alexander bodied Tridents, Citybus No. 2103 and NWFB No. 1128. Models of both vehicles are expected to follow.

 Photograph courtesy of
Concorde Hobby Shop

Best Choose are to release two new models, these being Toyota Coaster Public Light Buses. I hope to publish more information on these models shortly.

2nd February 2005

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