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Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

The last piece of news for this month is very good, confirming that Buses Model Co are still in existence with the impending release of China Motor Bus Leyland Olympian LM1 carrying a special 60th anniversary livery (L40806). 

I presume that this is a genuine livery, although the only 60th anniversary China Motor Bus livery I have come across was that applied to LM5 and featured a street map on it's lower half and a centrally placed large 60 between decks. Can anyone provide any further details?

****  Update  ***

Thanks to Andrew Shirley and Jotus.com I am able to confirm that this is a genuine livery, and a photo of the real thing can be found on Dennis Tang's excellent website.

31st July 2005

Pictured above is the second Sunwin trolleybus to be issued by Creative Master Northcord (cnbus1007), this being a specially commissioned model for the Ba-Shi Group. 


Issue 49 of Bus Focus, Bus Fan World's regular magazine for it's members, has now been published. An English summary of the magazine will shortly be available at www.busfocus.info/english.

I am grateful to Jackson Lo for his recent photo of some China Light and Power Olympians, which can be found here.

My thanks to Keith Wood for advising that the Citybus 'Year of the Rooster' Trident (OM44402) is now available in the UK. 

Thanks also to David Rowe for sending me a photo of China Motor Bus service vehicle AH4134, which was the subject of a recent resin model. Thanks also to Colin Smith for allowing me to use this photo. 

29th July 2005

I am grateful to Dennis Law for providing me with a selection of photographs taken during the 'History of Hong Kong Buses Exhibition', organised by 80M Bus Model Shop. This exhibition was held at Metroplaza, Kwai Fong between 16th and 18th July.
One of the most attractive exhibits (and most popular!) was the driver's cab taken from the now scrapped KMB Olympian S3BL189, this photo being shown in yesterday's news. The remaining photos can be viewed here.

Citybus has refurbished several of it's 12-metre Olympians and a couple of photos showing the main points of interest have tonight been uploaded to the Xtra section of the site.

26th July 2005

I have had a reliable report from Hong Kong that Creative Master Northcord Ltd are to issue a kit version of their Alexander bodied Volvo Super Olympian in a plain white livery with a KMB style interior. Further details will published once these are known.


Above is the front cover of UTFA's latest members' magazine - "transX".

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dennis Law

Above is an unusual shot of KMB Leyland Olympian S3BL189! Further details to follow shortly.

I have tonight uploaded larger and higher resolution photos of the CLP Olympians that were first uploaded on 22nd July.

26th July 2005

Following the publishing of the photo of the China Light & Power Olympians, I have received several further photos and have therefore created a separate Xtra page.
24th July 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Patrick

No, I am sorry to say that this is not news of a new model, but confirmation that a couple of photos, taken this week, of some China Light & Power Co. Ltd liveried Olympians, have tonight been added to the Xtra pages of the site. My thanks to Patrick for these photos.

22nd July 2005

Following yesterday's details on the resin Hong Kong Model Toyota Coaster Public Light Bus (7822A), I have just added a new page.
20th July 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho

I am grateful to Jacky Ho for informing me of a resin model release that I missed earlier this year. Produced by the Hong Kong Model Co, it features a Toyota Coaster public light bus registration number EU5311 with a destination of Jordan Road. The model was released on 23rd January 2005. Further photos will be uploaded tomorrow.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Oriental Model Buses

Added to the Xtra section of the site tonight are a couple of photos of former Hong Kong buses which made an appearance at the Alton Bus Rally last Sunday. 

 19th July 2005

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Alan Wong

New photographs have just added photos to the 'Xtra' section of the site, these being taken last Sunday during a special bus tour in Hong Kong.

I have recently come across a few old 'Buses' magazines, and have scoured the many pages looking for Hong Kong related news. Whilst the most obvious found to-date is the November 1981 issue, which features a colour photo of China Motor Bus Ailsa-Volvo AL1 on the front cover, I decided to feature the issue published twenty-years ago this month - July 1985. Just follow the link for further details.

I recently experienced something that I had never previously encountered - being banned !  Having quite recently joined a relatively new Yahoo group for model buses, which claims to be a 'friendly forum' and having posted only one message as far as I can recall, which I am sure was not at all controversial, I suddenly find that I have been banned - no warning, reason or explanation. Attempts to find out why have proved fruitless ! 

 15th July 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

Two unexpected releases in Hong today are pictured above.

First is the Best Choose China Motor Bus ECW bodied Leyland Olympian, fleet number BR2 (04061) in standard CMB livery. It is on route number 80 to Central and is limited to 1,000 pieces.

The second is a resin model from Hong Kong Model Co and features a China Motor Bus Guy Arab Mk IV (8030A), registration number 4114 on route number 6 to Repulse Bay. This model is not certificated.

 12th July 2005

Some new photos have been added to the Xtra pages of the site, giving details of a minor livery change for New World First Bus.

My thanks to Joseph Ka Kee Lee, owner of Hong Kong Bus Exhibition Centre, for allowing me to use his photograph of a KMB BACo bodied Fleetline, which has been added to the appropriate model page (39901). 

I am very grateful to both Raymond and Daniel for tonight making me aware of another e-Bayer using my photos on no less than 13 items, all without permission.

10th July 2005

A new Xtra page has been added to the site tonight and this includes photographs of ex-Hong Kong vehicles in Manchester and New Zealand, together with some new Hong Kong buses in the UK.

Once again I have recently come across several e-Bay sellers using my photographs without permission. If you notice any photographs from this site being used to aid e-Bay sellers, please let me know in order that I may contact e-Bay to stop the auction. The latest offender is in fact a well known model business called Jxxxxxxx and who are based in Norwich.

8th July 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is the Cars Workshop KMB British Aluminium Company (BACo) bodied Fleetline (39901). It represents D990 on route no 5C to Tsz Wan Shan South, limited to 2,500 pieces and retails for HK$288. 

5th July 2005

I have tonight added a new page for the 312 Model resin CMB Guy Arab Mk IV mentioned yesterday, please also note some corrections to the text that accompanied yesterdays news regarding this model. Quantities have been confirmed as 150 pieces and the model was released on 28th June.
4th July 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of 312 Model

My thanks to Carl Bentley for pointing out that I had missed a recent resin model released from 312 model. This features a short wheel-based China Motor Bus Guy Arab Mk IV in maroon and cream livery. AD4586 was new to CMB in 1956 as a coach but was rebuilt in 1964 as a bus. The model is on route no 8 to Chai Wan. Quantities are currently unknown.

My thanks also go to Alan Leung for sending me photographs of some of the 'real' vehicles represented by models ( or close relatives) for the following:-

000201  -  China Motor Bus Dennis Jubilant DS8

MCW-70101  -  China Motor Bus MCW Metrobus MC9

000402 -  China Motor Bus Leyland Victory LV47

B 0009  -  China Motor Bus MCW Metrobus MB13

3rd July 2005

EFE's 5th Mailing of 2005 (received in the post today) confirms that a small quantity of the Drumwell's KMB DMS (DW10601) are to be made available to EFE Subscribers for the price of 16.50 including postage and packing.
2nd July 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan 

Released in Hong Kong today is Corgi's 1/50 scale KMB Leyland Atlantean, fleet no. 2L35 (reg BD5116) on route no. 50 to Jordan Road Ferry (CC25602).  It is limited to 1,200 pieces and retails for HK$348. A new page and additional photographs have now been uploaded.

1st July 2005

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