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Not related in any way to this site, but I thought I would add the above photograph of a Global Scania Irizar as
a reminder (to myself!) of my recent holiday in Gran Canaria.

A relatively quiet week, the most noteable news being the release of the Best Choose 1/24th scale China Motor Bus DMS (05241) on Thursday 28th. 

The Hong Kong Model Co have announced two versions of resin China Motor Bus Seddon Pennine SM1 - one in 1976 cream and red livery and one in 1986 blue and cream livery. Photographs of both will be added shortly. 

I hope shortly to provide some further news of the Buses Model Co. 'Lucky Bus Draw'.

30th October 2005

I have now added a new page featuring information and photographs of the Long Win liveried Olympian pictured in yesterday's news.

I am now on holiday until Sunday 30th October, so there will be no updates during this time. 
Please continue to send any items of news to me in my absence.

21st October 2005

I bet you don't have the above model in your collection!
   Further details to follow tomorrow!

20th October 2005

I have just added new photos of Corgi's KMB Daimler A (40407) which arrived in the post today, following my successful bid on e-Bay!
19th October 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop
Photograph courtesy and copyright of ME16

As reported below, Best Choose have re-issued their China Motor Bus Leyland Fleetline, LF106 this time with a diorama of a 1970's style resettlement Estate (803012). From the product number I assume that this is a joint venture with 80M Bus Model Shop and Best Choose. Limited to just 250 pieces, it retails for HK$338, which includes a car, although as you will see from the above, this appears to vary, and a bag full of washing to hang on the poles!

18th October 2005

A new page has tonight been added for the Sentosa MAN NL263, featured in the News item of 14th October. My thanks to regular contributor Jacky Ho for providing this information and photos.
17th October 2005

I have received an unconfirmed report that there will be a new model released of China Motor Bus Fleetline LF106 in blue/cream livery with a diorama featuring a public housing background, as featured in the recent Exhibition organised by 80M Bus Model Shop. It is believed only 250 pieces will be available.

New photographs have tonight been added of resin China Motor Bus TC1 and the Creative Master Northcord cnbus 1006, the Volvo B7R/Sunwin specially commissioned for the Ba-Shi Group.

15th October 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho

Pictured above is a diecast model of a MAN NL263 from Singapore Sentosa. The box introduces Sentosa as follows:-

"The distinctive orange Sentosa bus meanders around the sprawling tropical island resort that is home to monitor lizards, monkeys, peacocks, cockatoos, parrots and other native fauna and flora. Singapore's premier island getaway offers a unique blend of leisure and recreational facilities including family attractions, sea sports, golf, walking/cycle trails and resort accommodation."

This model is made by 'Sentosa Leisure Group' themselves, and is available for visitors to Sentosa only. The registration number of this bus is RU3722G, and the destination reads 'The Merlion'. The scale is believed to be 1:72. Similar buses are operated by Lok Ma Chau-Huanggang Shuttle Service, NLB and Discovery Bay.

I hope to add further photos over the weekend.

Photographs of open-top Citybus Olympian No 7 in all-over advertising livery for Sogo have been added to the Xtra pages of the site.

I am very grateful to Mark Lee for answering my appeal for more information on the St Joseph's College Metrobus (917xx), recently featured on this site. Mark has kindly allowed me to post his very informative e-mail, in full, and this can be found by following the link.

14th October 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dennis Chan

My thanks to Dennis Chan for kindly providing information and further photos of a completed pre-production sample of CMB TC1. A new page has just been added. This resin model is due for release in mid-November and is limited to 400 pieces. It is on route number 260 to Stanley, the route on which this bus spent most of it's life. Whilst believed to be a 312 Model, it is being labelled as a  Concorde Hobby Shop product.

A new page has just been added for the St Joseph's College Corgi 1/64th scale Metrobus (917xx) featured in yesterdays News.

9th October 2005

Photographs of a pre-production sample of the forthcoming resin CMB TC1
Copyright of Oriental Model Buses

Pictured above are a couple of photographs of a pre-production sample of a resin model of China Motor Bus Leyland Titan TC1, due to be released shortly. The sample has kindly been provided by Digby Miniature Automobiles, who will be importing quantities into the UK. A new page will be added shortly with further photos.

Regular visitors to the site may recall that back in November 2003, Car Model Box were promising this model, with working headlights!

Photograph courtesy and copyright Mark Asby

Regular visitor Mark Asby has just acquired the above Corgi 1/64th scale Metrobus model with St Joseph's College, issued in 1995 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of St. Joseph's College (1875-1995). It is understood that the model was issued to students who received a good report. The registration no. is AD1995, on route 7 to Kennedy Road. 

This model was first featured on this site on 30th September 2004 . I hope to add a new page for this model shortly, and upload the other photos Mark has kindly sent me. If anyone can provide any further information on the model, please e-mail me, and I will pass this information on to Mark.

8th October 2005

A new page has just been added for the Pocari Sweat Volvo Super Olympian, which I have used an assumed product code of DW10305. As confirmed yesterday, it is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, and it is believed 800 have been allocated to the lucky draw winners and 200 being retained by Pocari Sweat themselves. The lucky draw has now been extended to 12th October.

Photograph of CMNL cnbus 1004
courtesy and copyright of 'Mini Pointer Dart'

Following my appeal for information/photographs of cnbus 1004 in the 'News' item on 3rd October, I am very grateful to 'Mini Pointer Dart' for sending me his excellent photos, one of which is shown above. The remaining photos will be added shortly. He tells me that it is very similar to to cnbus 1001, but with the addition of two LCD monitors inside. 

5th October 2005

My thanks to Alan Yeung for advising me that the Pocari Sweat liveried Volvo Super Olympian, which is being offered as a prize to winners in a lucky draw in Hong Kong, appears to have been issued, as one has already appeared on the Yahoo Auction site in Hong Kong. It claims to be one of 1,000 such models, which is on route number 68X, the destination currently unknown. The registration plates appear to be blank. Any further information, or even a better quality photograph, would of course be most welcome. 


Photographs courtesy and copyright of Ailsa-B55

I have now received some photos of the model, thanks to Ailsa-B55, which has a limited edition certificate of 1,000 and a destination of Yuen Long (East). It is confirmed that no registration marks are carried, although a pair of waterslide registration numbers (JF9127) are included. Further, larger photos will be added tomorrow!

4th October 2005

Various alterations have been made to the Creative Master Northcord cnbus 100x range, the Volvo B7R/Sunwin single-deck bus, following information contained in their website. This includes the addition of cnbus 1004, details of which had not previously been recorded on this site. Any further information on this model would be greatly appreciated.
3rd October 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dave Rogers

I have received the first photos of a 'built' Creative Master Northcord Ltd Volvo Super Olympian kit. This carries an attractive Swindon & District livery. Thanks to Dave Rogers for sharing this with us.

Following yesterdays photo of the HK Disneyland bus, Sydney of California poses the question, "Does it operate the shortest route in Kong Kong?"

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Kenneth K T Ma

I am grateful to Kenneth K.T.Ma for allowing me to use the above  photograph showing his own bus model featuring ex-CMB/NWFB DM8 - the mobile eye clinic. This model is converted from Drumwell's NWFB DM28 model. 

Photograph courtesy and copyright of John Tong

Citybus Olympian No 7 has received an all-over advertising livery for Sogo, who have just opened a new store at Tsim Sha Tsui. I hope to add further photos of this bus to the Xtra section of the site shortly.

Noted for sale on e-Bay today is a 'Buspak' Volvo Olympian (43209) - with a starting bid of 1,000 - yes this reads 'one-thousand pounds' ! 

2nd October 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho

Released in Hong Kong today is the KMB Mobile Phone String, produced by Cars Workshop, featuring 3 different bus types. The first features AL1 on route 6 to Mei Foo, the second S3BL (FY8369) on route 81 to Wo Che and the third AVW (LL2812) on route 2 to Star Ferry. The light is activated when a phone call is received The buses are approximately 28mm X 11mm x 16mm. My thanks to Jacky Ho for this information.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Universal Transport Fans Association

One of the latest cover photos for Universal Transport Fans Association's website features the one and only double-decker serving inside HK Disneyland as a tourist sight-seeing bus: Could this possibly be the lowest capacity double-decker in service in Hong Kong  at the moment.

 1st October 2005

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