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Creative Master Northcord Ltd have just launched their new website, which can be found by clicking on the screen below:-

 28th September 2005

New photographs of the Creative Master Northcord Mitsubishi Fuso in Sapporo City colours (JB1006), which was not a general release, have been added to the relevant page. My thanks to Terry Law for these.
24th September 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Dennis Law

I have today received two unconfirmed reports, from different sources, that KMB are to release a model of their Neoplan (Neoman) Centroliner, APM1. It is expected in October and the route/destination details are believed to be 68X to Yuen Long (East). 

21st September 2005

Photographs of the latest Creative Master Northcord Mitsubishi Fuso in the colourful livery of Japanese operator Kyushu Sanko Bus (JB1009) have just been added. 

My thanks to Anthony Miles for advising that the resin Hong Kong Model Co Long Dragon (8009A) he purchased at Showbus differed yet again from the four previous known versions. His is AC4746 on route 8A to North Point!

A few more photos taken at Showbus have just been added to this Xtra page.

Following my request (14th September) for any further information on the ABC Models New Lantau Victory with the Bus Fan World 8th annual dinner decals, I am reliably informed that this event was in 2000. I am also advised that there were about three or four models produced as per the photo but there were also other models from the ABC range LF (of different colours), SF, ML, LV etc all done in this way, totalling about 25 models in all. All these buses were given away as prizes at the event.

An important note is that the printing will very easily rub off, so anyone who has one of these should be aware of this.

20th September 2005

Model courtesy of Digbys Miniature Automobiles
Photograph copyright of Oriental Model Buses

I had a very enjoyable day at Showbus yesterday, the weather was, for the second year running, very kind and it was nice to bump in to a few old friends. Whilst I had a quick peek in the EFE marquee to see the latest offerings from that company, my highlight was at the Digbys stall, where after asking about the 1/24th scale China Motor Bus DMS, photos of which straddled the walls of the marquee, I was invited into the 'office' and shown the real thing - a very impressive beast!  I was then allowed to 'borrow' the model for a little play to take some photos, many of which have been added to the Xtra pages of the site.

Photograph copyright of Oriental Model Buses

Photos of some of the real buses present at Showbus, most with a Hong Kong link have just been added to the Xtra pages of the site. 

19th September 2005


Date: 16th September 2005. 

JB1009 Mitsubishi MP Non-Step Citybus 
— Kyushu Sanko Bus — 

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Creative Master Northcord Ltd

Creative Master Northcord Limited has just released a brand new non-ukbus series replica, JB1009 Mitsubishi MP Non-Step Citybus model.

JB1009 carries Kyushu Sanko Bus colours. Kyushu Industrial Transportation (Kyushu Sanko) group operates 753 buses mainly in Kumamoto prefecture, Kyushu Island. This is the replica of a Mitsubishi FUSO MP747M, acquired in 1999 and is allocated to Kojima Depot.

JB1009 features excellent detailing, inside and out, including an opening engine door and engine detail. It has a splendid livery making the bus more unique and outstanding. The icons of ocean, sky, mountain, rainbow, sun, dolphins, birds all appear on the bus replica.

JB1009 is based on a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the windows and livery application on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible respectively. The model has no ugly metal poles to hold it together. 

JB1009models are limited to 2500 pcs and will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

Creative Master Northcord Limited (CMNL)
------The World’s Miniature Bus Co. ------

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is the KMB Volvo B9TL Wrightbus from Drumwell (DW10503). Limited to 2,000 pieces it represents fleet number AVBW1 on route number 102 to Aldrich Bay.

16th September 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Carl Bentley

My thanks to Carl Bentley for sending me the above photograph, which features ABC Model's green and white liveried New Lantau Bus Leyland Victory Mk 2 (000403B), but with additional printing on the roof. I am unable to establish when Bus Fan World's 8th Annual Dinner was held, nor am I able to determine whether the model was actually issued. If it was, I wonder how many were so decorated. If anyone can provide any details, please e-mail me. A larger photograph has been added to the model's page.

14th September 2005

Photograph copyright of Oriental Model Buses

I have just received the Cars Workshop white Enviro 500 (39400) and new photos have tonight been uploaded. Special thanks to 80M Bus Model Shop for providing the sample model.

It is believed that the destination display on the Pocari Sweat model (see below) shows 'Yuen Long (East), 68X', with the Roadshow screens being missing for some unknown reason. Delivery for the lucky draw winners is expected to start in early October.

11th September 2005

Following the recent release of the Volvo Super Olympian kit from Creative Master Northcord, and my appeal for those who actually build it to send me photos of the finished item, I am pleased to announce that Creative Master Northcord Ltd have kindly offered to provide one of their models as a prize for the best entry. So as not to disadvantage those in the UK, where the kit has yet to be released, entry will be open for a month or so after it's UK release. Further details will be published in due course - so get building!!

My thanks to Creative Master Northcord Ltd for their continued support.

Further to the News below regarding the Pocari Sweat liveried Volvo Super Olympian, this link will take you to that Company's official details on how to win a model. I am assured that these are as detailed below! My thanks to Dennis Law for providing this information.

Hong Kong Daimler Fleetline Memorial Fleetline Page
My thanks to Dennis Tang for allowing me to use the above photograph from his excellent website - well worth a visit! A larger photograph has been added to the appropriate page featuring the Buses Model Co model with this livery (L40806). 

Whilst on the subject of real buses, a reminder that this years Showbus takes place next Sunday (18th September) at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford near Cambridge.

A couple of vehicle entries to watch out for are ;-

498 - former New World First Bus, Dennis Condor/Duple Metsec DM17

499 - a new Kowloon Motor Bus, Volvo B9TL/Wrightbus 

9th September 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Keith Wood

My thanks to regular contributor Keith Wood for coming up trumps again with a photo of the next Creative Master Northcord Leyland Olympian (No 13642) in Magic Bus livery. A larger picture has been added to a new page just uploaded (hkbus2006).

New photos featuring buses on Disneyland routes have been added to Xtra section of the site. Special thanks to both Dennis Law and Philip Chan for sending me their photos.

2nd September 2005

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Philip Chan

Drumwell has recently produced an unknown number (possibly 800 but this figure is unconfirmed) of Volvo Super Olympian 1:76 bus models in Pocari Sweat's latest advertising livery. It's been announced that consumers buying two Pocari Sweat items at any Circle-K Convenience Store between 1st September and 28th September are eligible for a lucky draw, of which the lucky winners will receive this model. 

Pocari Sweat is a popular Japanese soft drink. It is, apparently, a mild-tasting, relatively unsweet drink, much like other Japanese soft drinks. 

My thanks to both Dennis Law and Philip Chan for providing this information.

Creative Master Northcord have announced a further release in their hkbus200x series, this being hkbus2006, an Alexander RX-type/Leyland Olympian in Stagecoach Manchester livery. The model features gasket glazing and represents vehicle 13642 
(H625 LNA). It is due to be released in the UK in October.

I can confirm that the total quantity for each of the the recent resin China Motor Bus Bedford OB's is 200, giving a total production run of 400 for both models. 

This site received a record number of hits last month
the 'Home' page received 15,455 and the 'News' page received 19,007

1st September 2005

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