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Photograph courtesy and copyright of Universal Transport Fans Association

My thanks to Universal Transport Fans Association for sending me the above photograph of KMB's 'Year of the Pig' liveried Volvo Olympian No. AV415 (HR9800). 

A reminder that voting for your Favourite models of 2006 ends tomorrow (31st) at midnight (GMT).

Wishing you all a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous 2007

 30th December 2006

The Concorde Hobby Shop website gives details of a new P and T Model resin model, this being a China Motor bus Dennis Condor DL2. There will be two versions, one on route 112 to North point and another on route 106 to Wong Tai Sin. Each version is limited to 450 pieces and it will available in February (around the Chinese Lunar new year).
27th December 2006

As is customary on this site at this time of the year, over the next week or so, you have the opportunity to vote for your Favourite models of 2006. Whilst this is a bit of light-hearted fun for the festive season, I am pleased to announce that this year 80M Bus Model Shop has kindly agreed to provide two prizes for the competition - one being the forthcoming Drumwell Kowloon Motor Bus air-con MCW Metrobus and the other being the already issued Cars Workshop Alexander-Dennis Enviro 500 in all over white livery.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas

23rd December 2006

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release in Hong Kong tomorrow is Kowloon Motor Bus fleet no. AVD1, the unique Volvo B9TL with Volgren bodywork and Euro 4 engine (39502). It is on route no. 6C to Kowloon City Ferry. Limited to 1,800 pieces, it will retail for HK$288.

The on-line magazine 'KMB Today' gives details and a photograph of the unique air-con MCW Metrobus, soon to be modelled by Drumwell.

22nd December 2006

Pictured above is the latest Hong Kong DVD release from Independent Transport Videos. This special 4 hour 2 DVD disc set is a 10 year celebration video programme.  Back in 1995 ITV's cameras made their first transport video in Hong Kong and they thought it appropriate to return and make a birthday special and see how the bus and tram scene has changed over the past 10 years.  For further details, just follow the link to the Independent Transport Videos website.


Having borrowed one of the Checkmate produced Guangzhou buses mentioned in the News page for September, I have taken a few photos and created a new page, which can be found by following the link (1999GZ076-7). Any further information on this model, or any of the 4 similar models, would be welcome.

15th December 2006

The latest issue of KMB Today has announced that their next model issue will once again feature Drumwell's MCW 11m Metrobus, this time being the one and only air-con example - DP1932 - serving on route 68X to Un Long. Further details will be published when known.

Photograph copyright and courtesy of
Hong Kong Model Co.

Pictured above is the second Seddon Pennine 4 resin model from Hong Kong Model Co, which is believed to have been released on 3 December 2006(8174A). This version represents AR7660 which, like several others in the class, received a modified front in 1974/5. It is on route 16 to Jordan Road Ferry.

13th December 2006

Having today received the new Fleet Directory of Hong Kong Buses - KMB & Long Win Bus, a new page has just been added for this excellent reference book, just follow the link.
12th December 2006

My thanks to Dennis Chan, Network Shuttle and Jacky Ho for providing photographs of the newly released resin Union Auto bodied Albion Viking (CHS0603), which has enabled me to create a new page for this model.
6th December 2006

Photograph copyright and courtesy of Dennis Chan

Released in Hong Kong yesterday is this resin Union Auto bodied Albion Viking EVK55CL from P & T Models/Concorde Hobby Shop (CHS0603). This model is limited to 360 pieces, and features KMB L285 on route number 51. Half have a destination of 'Un Long' and half a destination of 'Tai Kok Tsui'. Each retails for $368.

BSI Hobbies 'KMB and Long Win Fleet Directory' was released yesterday. An additional cover (which is removable) featuring KMB's latest Scania K95UD double decker has been attached with the book.

My thanks to those of you who have confirmed that the product number of the Hong Kong Model Co. Ford 'USA School Bus' is in fact 8022A,

4th December 2006

'A Shenzhen Selection' has tonight been added tonight to the Xtra pages of the site. My thanks to Donald MacRae for providing such excellent photographs.

'KMB Today' confirms that their next model issue will feature their one and only Volgren bodied Volvo B9TL (AVD1/MF5119) serving on route 6C. It will be limited to 1,800 pieces and will retail for HK$288. 

2nd December 2006
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