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The 80M Bus Model Shop website has announced a further 1/120 scale model from Best Choose, this being a China Motor Bus Volvo Olympian. Again limited to 1,500 pieces and retailing for HK$69.90. Further details will appear when known.
30th May 2007

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Universal Transport Fans Association

The above photos, kindly supplied by Universal Transport Fans Association, feature one of Hong Kong's only two Scania K124EB open-top 'Spacebus', taken during UTFA's 'Spacebus' tour on 24th May 2007. Further information and photos about the tour can now be seen here.

28th May 2007

Photograph courtesy and copyright of 312 Model

These two KMB Leyland Olympian resin models from P & T/312 Model (as reported in News 6th May) now appear on the 312 website

27th May 2007

S3M223 pictured at the Bus Fan World event on
25th March - photograph courtesy and copyright of Jotus.com

The final Kowloon Motor Bus 11-metre MCW Metrobus (S3M233) was withdrawn from service on 10th May, bringing an end to KMB's Metrobus operation. 

Bus Fan World organised a special event to say farewell to the Metrobus on 25th March and S3M223 and S3M254 were in attendance.

A special page has tonight been added to the Xtra section of the site featuring photographs from this event, plus more! 

20th May 2007

After an absence of several years, Creative Master Northcord Limited has today announced its sixth livery on the replica Hino Selega Coach model. JB2006 carries JR Hokkaido Bus colours. 

JR Hokkaido Bus operates inter-city coaches connecting Sapporo and other major cities in Hokkaido, Japan. 

JB2006 features JR Hokkaido Bus (14-56) with excellent detailing, inside and out, including a toilet on board, an opening engine door and engine detail. The driver’s windows have a special anti-freezing feature required for it operating in the northern part of Japan. During the winter season in Sapporo and Otaru City, all roads are covered with heavy snow. 

The JB2006 model is limited to 200 pieces for the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Transit Graphics (Australia), cnmycar.com (P. R. China) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

The model is believed to have again been commissioned by Club Busrama of Japan (part of Porte Publishing Co.) and the limited edition certificate states a quantity of 2,000. Their website shows not only this new Hino Selega but also the first photos of the long-awaited Isuzu (JB5001) plus the next release of the Mitsubishi Fuso MP CNG (JB1011).

My thanks to Creative Master Northcord Ltd for providing the above information as well as a sample of the model, further photos of which have been added, just follow the link.


Pictured above is the 1/120 scale KMB Fleetline from Best Choose (05053), further details and photos of which can be found by following the link. 


More news, kindly provided by Jacky Ho, is the release of a 1:120 plastic tram model, retailng for HK$59.9 each, without any certificate. This small tram can run on a track that comes with the box set. The tram uses a LR44 Battery. This is produced by Art Gallery. The track size is approximately 44cm x 55cm. 

Click on image for larger photograph
19th May 2007

A new version of 1:120 KMB Daimler Fleetline model, believed to be a Cars Workshop/Best Choose product, has now been released in Hong Kong. Being an unofficial release, stickers featuring KMB logos have been attached with the package. Details of the model bus are as follows:
Fleet Number - D930
Route - 2E
Destination - Pak Tin
Livery - KMB's Cream and Red Livery (Minus Logos)
Price - HK$69.90
Quantity Issued - 1,500
My thanks to regular contributor Dennis Law for the above information
18th May 2007

Many congratulations to regular contributor Donald MacRae, whose photo appears on the Fotopic homepage today.

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Donald MacRae

A line up of ex-KMB Olympians in the north of Scotland - a new page has just been added to the Xtra section of the site, thanks to photos provided by Donald MacRae - take a look!

13th May 2007

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Concorde Hobby Shop

Released yesterday in Hong Kong is this resin Toyota Coaster in KMB 'air-con' colours (8181A). Produced by the Hong Kong Model Co., it features AT36 (EA6976) and is on route no 94 to Wong Shek Pier. It retails for HK$278.

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Andrew Shirley

Regular contributor Andrew Shirley has come across another model offered in the Spanish Partwork magazine. This China Motor Bus Guy Arab Mk V/Metal Sections is registered AH4031. It carries no fleet number. It is on route no. 11 to Robinson Road. The original AsianBus model upon which this model is based is AS1001A.

8th May 2007

Following the news yesterday of the resin 11-metre Leyland Olympian (S3BL), it has been confirmed that the Concorde Hobby Shop website carried a typing error and the new model is in fact a P & T release. (The website has since been updated). They have also confirmed that two models are being issued, each limited to 200 pieces. The first features DR 2006 on route 1 and the second, DY9913 on route 60M. Both will retails for HK$ 388 and are expected to be released during the third week of May. 
6th May 2007

Recently published by DTS Publishing is the above book entitled 'Far East Buses - Guangzhou (Canton)'. This 150 page book is fully illustrated with colour and black & white photos of buses and trolleybuses which have run in what was once popularly known as Canton. Vehicles include the Chinese-built single and double-deckers, the second (and third) - hand double-deck buses imported from Hong Kong, Singapore and Berlin, as well as single-deck imports from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Where known, as full a description as possible is given of each type in the style now associated with Mike Davis' previous books. 

The ex-Hong Kong double-deckers include: Daimler CVG 6 half-cabs, Fleetlines which were new variously to London Transport (the DMS-class), Rotherham, Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) and a single example from China Motor Bus. Dennis Dominators from Derby and Merseyside arrived via Citybus in Hong Kong ( one was even rebodied), whilst the Leyland AN68 Atlanteans were new to Singapore Bus Service. In addition there were 25 MAN double-deckers which were new to BVG Berlin, while the buses from Pittsburgh were Neoplan A440As. 

For followers of the trolleybus, there is an informed description of the 1937 order for Leyland trolleybuses and its fate. The earliest reference, however, is to the 1922 rubber-tyred, petrol-engined, "trams" of the Kwangtung Tramway. 

The book confines itself to the 'State' operations of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Bus Companies and the Trolleybus Company.

The book can be ordered direct from DTS Publishing, where it is priced at UKŁ24.95 plus postage and packing.

The Concorde Hobby Shop website appears to give details of a resin Olympian S3BL - can anyone who reads Chinese provide further details?     please e-mail me

My thanks to Danny and Dennis from Hong Kong for providing a translation of the news on the Concorde Hobby Shop website, which reads - 'Concorde Model will launch the S3BL293 (DY 9913) at the end of May. A choice of two routes can be chosen (1 and 60M). Both models are limited to 200 pieces. The producer is a new name P & G S-3. Each will retail for HK$388. (see News item above for 6th May for update)

New photographs of the Guangzhou bus model (GZBUS4001) from Mei Yi have tonight been added, thanks to Jotus.com.

5th May 2007

News from Buses Model Co. is that a new diecast model of a Leyland Olympian S3BL Class is expected soon. It will be limited to 999 pieces and a pre-production sample is expected at the end of the month.

3rd May 2007
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