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I am reliably informed that a resin model of Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo B10MD, Fleet No. VMD1, is due to be released early in October. Two versions will be issued, both carrying route no. 101, one with a destination of Kennedy Town and the other Kwun Tong. Each version is believed to be limited to 225 pieces.

With a lull in model news, I have taken the opportunity to add photographs of an open-top Enviro 500, bound for San Francisco, to the Xtra section of the site. My thanks to Alistair Liddle for providing these.

30th September 2007
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

Released in Hong Kong today is the first casting of KMB's short Trident with Duple Metsec bodywork (92001). Produced by Cars Workshop, it features ATS 22 (JK1805) on route no. 108 to Braemar Hill. It is limited to 2,000 pieces and retails for HK$288. 

The next question is when will the New World First Bus example follow? 

Following the recent Xtra page featuring the ex-Hong Kong buses in attendance, Dave Rogers has kindly corrected me in that their were six buses present, not five, and the page has been updated accordingly.

 23rd September 2007

My thanks to Andy Morgan who advises that at this years Showbus he purchased yet another variation of the Hong Kong Model Co. Guy Arab Long Dragon (8009A). His model carries a registration of AH4028 and is on route no 8 to Chai Wan (San Ha St). 

Thanks also to regular contributor Andrew Shirley and David Kat who have both provided further information on the prototype Dennis Trident 'Sun ' bus, featured below. This has been added to the appropriate page.

 22nd September 2007

A new page has tonight been added to the Xtra section of the site for the Enviro 500 now operating for Community Transit of Seattle, USA.
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of Alistair Liddle

My thanks to Alistair Liddle for sending me some photos of 'The Sun' bus, one of which is pictured above. It is believed to be a prototype Dennis Trident, with Alexander ALX500 bodywork, but with an 'R' type front. Confirmation, or otherwise, would be most welcome along with the reason why it has this front end. Further photos have been added to the Xtra section of the site under 'Prototype Buses'.

19th September 2007

A website already mentioned on the Oriental Model Buses Yahoo Group is i-busnet.com. A comprehensive site featuring fleet lists, photos and news of the various Hong Kong bus operators. Although written in Chinese text, a little patience in hovering the mouse over various links and reading the text in the taskbar at the same time, will soon enable you to find your way around.
18th September 2007

Following my visit to Showbus yesterday, I have just added photographs to the Xtra section of the site of the former Hong Kong vehicles that were present.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of

Details of the above Enviro 500 now operating in the USA will be added shortly.

17th September 2007

Page 31 of the on-line version of 'KMB Today' features details on the forthcoming ATS Trident. I have established the quantity to be 2,000 and the retail price will be HK$288. Route numbers appear to be either 64K or, as detailed below, 108.


Former Citybus Olympian No. 345, which joined the Roadliner fleet of Poole in February, has just received her new livery and fleetnames. It is hoped that she will make an appearance at Showbus on Sunday. I have just added a new page to the Xtra section of the site which features this bus both in Hong Kong and the UK. 

14th September 2007

I have received an unconfirmed report that KMB's forthcoming ATS model will feature ATS47 (JN4092) on route 108 to Braemar Hill. Other proposed model releases include:-
a Dennis Lance
ATEU1 (MJ2927) the first Enviro 500 fitted with a Cummins Euro IV engine
ASU1 (MT6551) Scania K95UD with Salvador Caetano bodywork 
10th September 2007

The ex-Hong Kong Buses in the UK page of the Xtra section of the site has modified and a few new photographs added. 
 2nd September 2007
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