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Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

The Britbus China Motor Bus Dennis Loline (DL-CM1) was released in Hong Kong yesterday. 

31st July 2008
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Dennis Law

Believed to be set for release in September is this 1/24 scale DMS with Salem all-over advertising. This model is currently on display at the annual Exhibition of the Hong Kong Bus models (see News 19th July).

Please note that my web-hosting company is planning an upgrade this evening. The upgrade process is estimated to take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. During this time the site may be unavailable.
29th July 2008
Click on image for larger photograph

Although not an 'oriental' model, I couldn't resist including the above photograph of this latest Creative Master Northcord Ltd release, which has kindly been supplied by the company. aubus1001 is a Scania L94UB CB60 CNG in the livery of ACTION (Australian Capital Territory Internal Omnibus Network), a Government provider of public bus services in Canberra. Retrospectively fitted with a bike rack during 2005, these buses are seen on Canberra's busy Intertown 300 bus routes where high frequency timetables operate. The buses were built in Sydney by Custom Coaches using the well proven CB60 body. 

The model is limited to 1700 pieces for worldwide distribution. They will be distributed by Transit Graphics (Australia), John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan), cnmycar.com (P.R. China) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

Visit the Creative Master Northcord Ltd website for further details.

24th July 2008
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Wei Shen

My thanks to Wei Shen for sending me the above photograph of MAN 18.240 HOCL-NL Demonstrator, SBS 8031J, operating for SBS Transit. The bus plies Service 6, a service linking Pasir Ris to the industrial estates of Loyang Crescent. Take a look at Wei Shen's Fotopic site entitled SBS 9199C Singapore Bus Gallery. 

23rd July 2008

Hong Kong Buses Volume Two - Kowloon Motor Bus from 1933 to 1993 REPRINT - Mike Davis 

This book was originally published in 1995 and two printings sold out very rapidly. Following new expressions of interest, DTS Publishing are offering a new reprint which has been revised only to eliminate as many of the annoying typographical errors which were a major criticism of the original book.

The book is A4, 336 pages with over 500 illustrations of which 113 are in colour. It is expected that it will be available mid August and will retail for 29.95.

Please note that this book is also available in Hong Kong from 80M Bus Model Shop, where it has been printed under agreement with DTS Publishing. 

22nd July 2008
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Network Shuttle

Released in Hong Kong today were the two versions of the resin Kowloon Motor Bus Mitsubishi Fuso MP117J from Concorde Hobby Shop. On the left is AM127 (FG1189) on route no. 2C to Yau Yat Tsuen and on the right is AM162 (FP5465) on route no. 78K to Sheung Shui. Each version is limited to 244 pieces with AM127 having certificate nos. 1-244 and AM162 certificate nos. 245-488. Each retails for HK$378.  A new page has been added to the Resin section for these models, just follow the link

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Jacky Ho

The annual Exhibition of the Hong Kong Bus models is now underway on the 2nd Floor of The Pioneer Shopping Centre at Mong Kok (the same floor as the 80M Bus Model Shop). My thanks to Jacky Ho for sending me a selection of photographs, which are currently in the process of being added to the Xtra section of the site. Just click on 'Other Items'.  The exhibition runs until 4th August.

Can anyone advise the date of the Hong Kong Transport Society's 2009 Bus Rally?  -  please e-mail me

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Dennis

My thanks to Dennis for sending me photographs of a further Peak Horse tram not previously recorded on this site. Tram 88 carries Chubb all over advertising and carries the destination Hong Kong. Further photos can viewed viewed by following this link. Please e-mail me if you are able to provide any further information on this model.

Click on image for larger photograph

Above is a poster for The Exhibition on Hong Kong Public Transport Tickets and Photographs - "Ticket Fascination". The opening ceremony will be held at 1430hrs on Saturday 26th July 2008.

19th July 2008
Photograph courtesy and copyright of Network Shuttle

Pictured above are four 1/64 scale Beijing Jinghua BK6122EV electric buses, each carrying an advertising livery for one of the official Olympic Games 2008 sponsor. They are (left to right) Lenovo, Manulife, Kodak and Adidas. There are a total of 50 such electric buses which are in service for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This vehicle is a joint project with the Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing Jinghua. I hope to add further photographs shortly.

 11th July 2008

My thanks to Paolo Yuen for sending me some photographs of this plastic 1/87 scale Volvo 9700. Produced by Motorart, this model has been specially commissioned by Volvo to celebrate "Coach of the Year 2008".  It measures just over 6" in length, features full interior and rubber tyres. A search of the worldwide web reveals this model is generally available, but at differing prices! 

Following the news report on 18th June, the DTS Publishing website gives further details of the forthcoming book 'Hong Kong Buses Volume 6 - Lantau Island' by Mike Davis. 
10th July 2008

A new page has tonight been added to the Xtra section of the site, which features former Kowloon Motor Bus AEC Regent A165 now in preservation, and looking immaculate, in the UK. 
9th July 2008
My thanks to Neo Cheung, who points out that there is a discrepancy in either the fleet number or registration number for one of the resin KMB Mitsubishi Fusos featured in yesterdays news. Whilst AM127 (FG1189) is correct, AM51 has a registration EU8298 and  registration number FP5465 is carried by AM162!
8th July 2008
Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Concorde Hobby Shop

As reported on 23rd June, Concorde Hobby Shop has confirmed the release of a new resin model on their website. Two versions of the Kowloon Motor Bus Mitsubishi Fuso AM class single-deck bus are to be released, the first featuring AM127 (FG1189) on route number 2C to Yau Yat Tsuen, whilst the second features AM51 (FP5465) on route number 78K to Sheung Shui. Each is expected to retail for HK$378.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Dave Rogers

My thanks to Dave Rogers for sending me photographs taken during the open day and Morris rally at the Oxford Bus Museum yesterday. The bus returned from Hong Kong 21 years ago and it has recently returned to the museum, having been completely restored by Thamesdown Transport in Swindon. Further details and photos will be added to the Xtra section of the site shortly. 

Photograph courtesy of British Model Buses
and copyright of Britbus

A further selection of photographs of the Britbus Dennis Loline LW1 (DL-CM2), courtesy of British Model Buses, has now been added to the appropriate page. Britbus has informed me that it currently has no plans to issue a version with the sliding door. 

7th July 2008

I have today received my two Cars Workshop Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Lances (92401 & 92402) and further photographs have now been added to the respective pages. 

5th July 2008
A further book is featured on the 80M Bus Model Shop website, which is due to be published this month. This is BSI Hobbies latest publication 'Singapore & Hong Kong Bus Advertising Photo Collection Vol. 1'. Priced at $98, early subscribers can enjoy a discounted price at $88 throughout 80M's outlets.


UTFA has recently released the 14th issue of "transX" magazine. Major contents include:

- Review of UTFA's latest activities
- Overview of Japan's railway network
- The opening of Peak Tram's Historical Collection Gallery
- CTB/NWFB's Chinese New Year Celebrations 2008
I am grateful to Dennis Law for providing the above information.
4th July 2008

The 80M Bus Model Shop website has been updated today, giving details of the reprint of Mike Davis's superb book 'Hong Kong Buses Volume Two - Kowloon Motor Bus Co.', first mentioned on this site on 2nd April.

This site also has updated photographs of the first Britbus China Motor Bus Dennis Loline, in maroon livery, and now featuring folding leaf type doors as opposed to the sliding door previously portrayed. On the subject of this model, details of a second release (DL-CM2) appear on the John Ayrey Die-Casts website, this being in the later red and cream livery, on route 76 to Tin Wan. 

3rd July 2008


PRESS RELEASE  -  Date: 2nd July 2008

Sunwin / Volvo B7R SWB6120V4 - cnbus 1012 Shanghai Shen Xin Bus 

Having made the significant success of its cnbus 1010 and cnbus 1011, Creative Master Northcord Limited has proudly released its third model of the newly re-tooled Sunwin / Volvo B7R model, cnbus 1012. It is carrying the standard Shanghai Shen Xin Bus livery.

Again, cnbus 1012 features the new face of the well known Shanghai Sunwin / Volvo B7R. It has new front lights and front dome representing the latest unique style of these Chinese-built bus bodies on the European-made Volvo chassis. The model also replicates the new style of driver rear-view mirrors that are less expensive to repair and to replace, instead of the “rabbit ear” style previously replicated. The new style of mirror arm also includes the high-mounted door-step illumination indicator within the mirror arm on the nearside of the bus. The rear dome and deeper engine access door are further notable modifications to the original cnbus 1000 range casting.

CMNL is making further modification onto the tooling. cnbus 1012 has a brand new seating plan. There is a row of single seats on the offside together with a facing backward single seat on the front wheel arch behind the driver’s position. Furthermore, cnbus 1012 is the first model to feature the two-step entry system that was developed by Sunwin Corporation on these later Volvo B7R (step-entry) buses in place of the earlier three-step entry. All improvements make the replica 100% correct as the real vehicle.

Shanghai Shen Xin Bus Company Limited acquired another batch of brand new buses in 2007-2008. SWK-197 (?B-36903) is one of the Sunwin SWB6120V4 in the batch entering service in 2007 with brand new corporate colours and cnbus 1012 represents this bus running on route 43.

Shanghai Shen Xin Bus Services Company Limited is a Sino-Singapore joint venture company which commenced operation in March 1998.

The Sunwin SWB6120V4 / Volvo B7R bus has a Euro3 environmentally friendly engine with 213kW horsepower. These buses are becoming more common in service with Shanghai Shen Xin Bus in Shanghai. Although slower to adopt the ‘Euro’ engine strictures than in neighbouring Hong Kong, Shanghai Shen Xin Bus is now catching up fast in an effort to improve the emissions placed into the environment and these Shanghai buses bring compliance to current European standards one step further.

cnbus 1012 features excellent detailing, inside and out. The model shows the correct portrayal of the ceiling handrails and ceiling to floor handpoles. In addition to the two on-board information monitors, the Shanghai Public Transportation Card stored-value reader at the conductress’ desk at the centre doors is also shown in its correct position and colours along with the information stickers on the window adjacent to the conductress’ desk. Finally, the three “Priority Seats” are shown in their yellow colour opposite the centre doors on this Sunwin Volvo bus.

This is a one-piece casting whose clean lines accentuate the windows and application of the standard Shanghai Shen Xin livery on which all logos and lettering are clearly legible on the yellow paint. The model has no unnecessary metal poles to hold it together.

The cnbus 1012 model is limited to 1000 pieces for worldwide distribution. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan), Transit Graphics (Australia), cnbycar.com (P.R. China) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

2nd July 2008
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