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 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
David Lam

Further thanks to David Lam, who has now provided photographs of the actual Beijing Jinghua BK6182 articulated bus (Fleet no. 64058) modelled in 1/64 scale for Beijing Public Transport Holdings Group. In the absence of product codes for these 1/64 scale models, their fleet numbers, where known, are being used. 

My thanks to Jotus.com, Neo Chung and Dennis who have all provided information to assist in the translation of several of the side destination panels of the Creative Master Northcord Sunwin models, which appear in Chinese. This information is being shared with Peter Harrison, who is currently compiling a comprehensive listing of Corgi, EFE, Collector's Model and Britbus models to name but a few. This list can be found on the Worldwide Model Buses website under the heading Model Lists.

Two destinations that are proving difficult to translate are the following :-

I believe this may relate to Shanghai Ba Shi 
I believe the literal translation of the above is "ZhongShanGongYuan = LunWenLu", 
which I believe translates as "Zhongshan Park = ??  Road" 

If you are able to assist in either of these, please e-mail me, thank you.


I have today taken photographs of my recently acquired AsianBus/BritBus China Motor Bus Dennis Loline (DL-CM1) and these have just been added.

 31st August 2008
New pages have today been added for the two 1/64 scale Jingua BK6182 articulated buses for Beijing Public Transport Holdings Group. In the absence of product numbers, just follow this link to the Beijing Jingua page.

A new link has also been added to Robert McConnell's The Bergen Network where a superb selection of photos, including Beijing buses, can be found.
30th August 2008
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

I can confirm that the above New World First Bus Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 (80891/20023) is set to be released on Monday, 1st September, the company's 10th Anniversary. A new page and additional photographs have tonight been added.

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
David Lam

My thanks, once again this week, to David Lam for providing some photographs of two 1/64 scale articulated bus models not previously mentioned on this site. These are Jinghua BK6182 articulated buses operating for Beijing Public Transport Holdings Group. Further details will be added shortly.

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

Due for release shortly is the second version of China Motor Bus Dennis Loline LW1 from Britbus (DL-CM2). This is again limited to 720 pieces and is on route no 78 to Tin Wan. It is expected to retail for HK$298. Further photographs have have now been added.

29th August 2008
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of

Released in Hong Kong today are the two versions of the resin Kowloon Motor Bus MCW Metrobus (B0029) from P & T Model. A new page has tonight been added for this model and further photographs will be added shortly.

27th August 2008
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of

My thanks to Dennis, Neo and Vincent from Hong Kong for providing confirmation that New World First Bus are indeed planning to release a model of Enviro 500 No. 5501 carrying 10th Anniversary decals. An article is featured on the AM730 free newspaper website, which announces the model is to released in early September and limited to 1,400 pieces. It is on route 8P to Wan Chai Ferry (Express). 

 26th August 2008
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
David Lam

My thanks to David Lam of Vancouver, Canada, who currently on holiday in Hong Kong, for sending me a selection of photographs (taken today) of New World First Bus Enviro 500 no. 5501 carrying special 10th Anniversary decals. Further photographs have tonight been added to the Xtra section of the site. Here's hoping a model will follow!

24th August 2008
The 80M bus Model Shop website features some further 1/64th scale Beijing electric buses, including 'Snickers' and 'Atos Origin'. 
23rd August 2008
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Loh Zhi Ping

My thanks to Loh Zhi Ping for sending me photographs of this new vehicle for Sentosa Island in Singapore. It is a King Long (Higer) KLQ6121GQ low floor bus equipped with an automatic ramp.

The Network Shuttle Bus Model Shop has tonight been added to Shops/Dealers section of the Links page. 


I can confirm that the 'Hong Kong Buses Volume 6 - Lantau Island' book by Mike Davis is now available from DTS Publishing. As soon as I receive my copy, a review will be featured on the site. 

22nd August 2008
 Photograph courtesy and copyright of 312 Model

312 Model have announced a new resin model of a Kowloon Motor Bus 12-metre MCW Metrobus. It represents their first 3-axle Metrobus, M1. Two versions are being issued, one on route 70M to Wo Che and the other on route 112 to North Point. I am sure this will be a popular model. 

19th August 2008
I have tonight added new pages for the eleven 1/64th scale Beijing Jinghua BK6122EV electric buses operating at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. I am, as for the previous 1/64th scale Beijing models, unsure of the manufacturer. Just follow the link to the Beijing Jinghua page. Any further information on any of these models would be greatly appreciated.

My thanks to Network Shuttle Bus Model Shop for providing photographs and details of these models.

  18th August 2008
A new page featuring further photographs of the new MTR Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart has just been added to the Xtra section of the site. 

A new page has also been added for the Sunwin SWB6115Q-3 CNG bus from Creative Master Northcord (cnbus1013). More photographs will be added later today.

16th August 2008


Sunwin SWB6115Q-3 - cnbus 1013 Shanghai Ba-Shi Group 

Having made the significant success of its cnbus 1010 model, Creative Master Northcord Limited has proudly released its latest example of the newly re-tooled Sunwin model, cnbus 1013. It is carrying the standard Shanghai Ba-Shi Group livery.

cnbus 1013 features the new CNG (compressed natural gas) tank on the roof of the well known Shanghai Sunwin casting. It has the “rabbit ear” style rear-view mirror as featured on the early cnbus series models. The rear dome and deeper engine access door are further notable modifications to the original cnbus 1000 range casting.

Shanghai Ba-Shi Group is the biggest bus operator in Shanghai and it has a substantial fleet of Sunwin SWB6115Q-3 CNG buses. The chassis and body were developed by Shanghai Sunwin Bus Corporation and it has an environmentally friendly engine that is able to meet the emission standard of Euro3. The CNG buses were specially designed for the “Green City”. 

cnbus 1013 represents fleet number GK-111 and it is featured running on route 90. The model features the more modern Sunwin Corporation logo on its front dash panel.

The cnbus 1013 model is limited to 1000 pieces for worldwide distribution. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Porte Publishing Company (Japan), Transit Graphics (Australia), cnmycar.com (P.R. China) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

Creative Master Northcord Limited (CMNL)
-----  The World’s Miniature Bus Co.  -----

Photographs of the model will be added shortly.

Please note that I have amended the start of the penultimate paragraph to cnbus 1013 (the official press release reads cnbus 1010)

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Leslie Chan

The above photograph shows the first of 11 Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Darts for the MTR. It is pictured on 8th August undergoing it's tilt-test. Further photographs will be added shortly. My thanks to Leslie Chan for providing these photographs.

Leslie also advises that he has set up a facebook group called "Say NO to relocation of Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Bus Terminal". He goes on to say "The HKSAR Govt' is planning to relocate our longest history bus terminal in HK (Kowloon side) in order to build "Public area with 15 m height / 5 floor), which will totally de-link the relation the Star Ferry and buses relation, affecting a huge number of passengers (around 80,000 people use the Star Ferry everyday). We don't want our landmark (which is 88 years old!) to be destroyed, so I have set up this group."

The 80M bus Model Shop website features a further liveried 1/64th scale Beijing electric bus. 

Following my request for information on the date of the Hong Kong Transport Society's 2009 Bus Rally, I have received no feedback - can anyone advise?
15th August 2008
I am now on holiday for just over a week. There will be no updates during this time but do please continue to send any news items or photographs ready for my return on 15th August.
5th August 2008
The 80M Bus Model Shop website confirms the forthcoming release of the 1/24 scale China Motor Bus DMS in Salem all-over advertising livery.

Star Ferry's 110th Anniversary photo competition deadline has been being extended to 15th August. For those who are interested, follow this link (link no longer available) to the relevant page on the Star Ferry website or e-mail: promotion@starferry.com.hk.
1st August 2008
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