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A new page has tonight been added for the recently released New World First Bus Enviro500 (80895/20026).
27th February 2009

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

My thanks to Neo Chung for sending me complete details for the New World First Bus Euro 4 Enviro500 model announced earlier this week and also to 80M Bus Model Shop for the photos.

Product code: 20026/80895
Route and destination: Euro 4 Green NWFB
Fleet number: 5502
Registration number: NE7587
Quantity: 1,300
Manufacturer: 80M Bus Model
Release date: 25 February 2009
Neo also advises that KMB are to issue the Second Volume of their N-scale buses, these are due to be released late February/early March.  These will include a metallic green 3ASV, metallic green AP, APM1, AP, S3V, AD, ALX ATR , ATEU1 with Euro 4 Banner, ASU2, AVBW, S3M, AV. This has been confirmed in the recent issue of KMB Today.

New World First Bus has also received their new 11.3m Enviro 500's chassis, which arrived in Hong Kong a few days ago. The Enviro500 should now be on its way to mainland China and to have its body assembled. 

I am still encountering computer problems, hence this brief update. I appear to have lost all my e-mails, and not just those from earlier this week. Please resend any recent e-mails to news @orientalmodelbuses.co.uk .
26th February 2009

Yesterday I experienced what I thought was a serious computer problem. Having spent all last night and several hours hours tonight trying to resolve it,  I am hoping it is not as bad as first thought.  One immediate problem is some missing e-mails, those sent to me on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. If you sent me an e-mail during this time, I would be very grateful if you would kindly resend it - thank you.

All being well, I hope to upload yesterday's planned update later tonight.

25th February 2009

Well that holiday went quickly! It appears that during my absence there was no model news to report. 

My thanks to Vic Lee for informing me that Kowloon Motor Bus has just received the first of what is believed to be an order of 30  Scania K230UB single-decker bus with Caetano bodywork. I would welcome any photographs.


UPDATE  .....2030hrs

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Dennis Law

The above comments clearly tempted fate, as tonight I have been advised by both Dennis Law and Tai-Chi.Edward that New World First Bus are to release a model of Alexander Dennis Enviro500 5502 (NE7587) with Euro IV ads. It is expected to be released on Wednesday and is limited to 1,300 pieces. The front destination is believed to read "Euro 4 Green NWFB".

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Dennis Law

The above photograph is just one of many received from Dennis Law taken during KMB's Bus Captain of the Year event held yesterday - further photographs will be added shortly.


Issue 59 of Bus Fan World's magazine 'Bus Focus' has just been published and features articles (in Chinese) on Big Bus operations in in Hong Kong, the new Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Darts for the MTR and over 60 years of KMB's route 70. The Bus Focus section of the website has been updated and now includes thumbnail images of each of the covers from the first edition, in May 1994, up to the latest edition. 

23rd February 2009

I am now on holiday for just over a week. There will be no updates during this time but do please continue to send any news items or photographs ready for my return on 23rd February.
14th February 2009

Model kindly supplied by
Creative Master Northcord Ltd 


PRESS RELEASE - 13th February 2009

JB2007 Hino Selega Coach - JR Bus Tohoku

After an absence in the past eighteen months, Creative Master Northcord Limited has now proudly released its seventh livery on the replica Hino Selega Coach model. JB2007 carries JR Bus Tohoku colours. 

JR Bus Tohoku was inaugurated in 1988 after the privatisation of Japan National Rail’s bus section. The company operates route buses and chartered coaches in Tohoku region, Japan. 

JB2007 features JR Bus Tohoku (H647-04401) with excellent detailing, inside and out, including an opening engine door and engine detail. The front windscreen has the sun visor effect. 

The JB2007 model is limited to 200 pieces for the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. They will be distributed by John Ayrey Die-Casts Limited (UK), Transit Graphics (Australia), cnmycar.com (P. R. China) and Concorde Hobby Shop (HK) respectively.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Keith Wood

In December I featured Keith Wood's Fotopic site '58CLT - Transport Photos by Keith Wood'. At the time, Keith hadn't had time to upload his Hong Kong photographs. I can report that this process is now underway, with about 100 photographs featuring the fleets of China Motor Bus and KCRC having recently been added to a new Fotopic site, '58CLT in Hong Kong'.

13th February 2009

Little news to report during the usual lull following the Chinese New Year. I am advised that the second batch of Kowloon Motor Bus Dennis Dragon models featuring 3N1 (M3N01) from Venus Collectibles, is expected in the third week of February.
5th February 2009
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