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No model news to report, so in the meantime take a look at Alistair's Bus & Tram Gallery where two more Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo B9TL's are pictured on their way to Hong Kong. 
27th April 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Tony Luan

My thanks to Tony Luan for allowing me to use his photograph of the real Yaxing JS6130SHJ double-decker. I would recommend you take a look at Tony's flickr site. A higher resolution photo has been added to the model page - just follow this link

23rd April 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
312 Model

312 Model are to release two versions of the China Motor Bus Dennis Dart with Carlyle bodywork, which are pictured above. On the left is the DC1 in original demonstrator livery, on route 260 to Stanley and on the right is DC17, on route 84M to Siu Sai Wan, in standard livery. 

Added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site of some further photographs taken during my recent trip to Cyprus.
22nd April 2010

A new page for the Yaxing double-deck bus featured in yesterday's news has just been added - just follow this link.
19th April 2010

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Donald MacRae

Pictured above is a 1:64 scale Yaxing JS6130SHJ double-decker in the livery of a Beijing bus operator. The model is displayed in a perspex globe. It is believed it was on sale at the time of the the Beijing Olympics. If you are able to provide any additional information, please e-mail me. Further photographs will be added shortly. My thanks to Donald MacRae for providing the above information and photographs. 

18th April 2010

 Photograph courtesy and copyright of 
Alan Wong

My thanks to Alan Wong for sending me the above photograph of one of the new Volvo B7RLE/MCV single-deckers for Kowloon Motor Bus. AVC5 is registered PE 6405 and was taken earlier today. A page detailing these new buses has just been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site.

17th April 2010

My thanks to Steven Lau for advising that the latest edition of 'KMB Today' confirms yesterday's report that the company is to issue a model of one of its 10.6 metre Scania K230UB single-deckers. It is limited to 2,500 pieces and will retail for HK$298. No release date is yet known.

The first of KMB's new Volvo B7RLEs with MCV bodywork entered service today on route 273. These new single-deckers have been allocated the class code AVC. Any photographs of these new buses would be most welcome. 

Citybus Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX500 No. 2111 has been destroyed by fire after a motorcyclist collided with it's rear. It is believed the motorcycle's fuel tank ignited upon impact. 
 14th April 2010


I have just received Issue 62 of Bus Fan World's magazine 'Bus Focus'. This edition features articles (in Chinese) on the two new Hong Kong Enviro400s, the Enviro400 in the UK, the hybrid Enviro400, the 'Year of the Tiger' liveried buses, the Volvo B7RLE, the MCV Evolution, former HK buses now operating in the UK plus lots more, along with all the other regular features. 

As promised in yesterday's News, photographs of KMB's new Volvo B9TLs and NWFB's new Enviro500 NWFB have just been added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site.

I have received an unconfirmed report that KMB are to issue a model of one of their new Scania K230UB single-deckers, this being a 10.6 metre example on route 2C.
 13th April 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Daimler Global

There has been no model news to report in my absence although I have noticed today that the Porte Publishing website has details of a new Creative Master Northcord model, this being a Mercedes Benz Citaro 'bendi-bus' in the colours of Keisei Bus Japan (JB0001).

An extract from the Daimler Globals' Press Release dated 18th March 2010 reads "The most successful city bus of all time is now also being used by the transport company Keisei Bus in Japan, which recently put ten new Citaro articulated buses into operation. The company plans to put five more of the buses into operation in late 2010. Keisei Bus, one of the top mass transit companies in Japan, transports around 250,000 passengers per day. The new buses will primarily be used in east Tokyo. Although the turquoise-colored Citaro articulated buses delivered to Japan are right-hand drive vehicles, their equipment otherwise largely corresponds to that used by mass transit companies in Europe. The ten Citaro buses are powered by the proven Mercedes-Benz OM 457 hLA inline six-cylinder engine in a horizontal arrangement. The low-emission engines comply with the Euro 5 emissions limit."

The model is expected to be released in late May.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Grant Ng Kwok Kuen

My thanks to Alistair Liddle, Grant Ng Kwok Kuen and S3N92 for sending me photographs of the new Kowloon Motor Bus Volvo B9TLs with Wrights bodywork, which have been allocated the class code AVBWU - quite a mouthful! Pictured above is AVBWU1 (PE 3529). These will be added to the Click here to visit the Xtra pages section of the site shortly.

Click on image for larger photograph
Click on image for larger photograph

and finally, a couple of my holiday snaps from Cyprus!

12th April 2010

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
80M Bus Model Shop

Released in Hong Kong today is the Long Win Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (39408). New photographs have now been added, thanks to 80M Bus Model Shop.

Photographs courtesy and copyright of www.ssfoto.net

My thanks to Sherman Sham for advising that on March 28, RTC (Las Vegas, USA) launched two new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines (Gold line and ACExpress C-line) that reduces transit travel time within the valley by using new designated bus lanes, situated in downtown area, with less frequent bus stops on the strip. ACE passengers are required to have their tickets purchased before boarding the bus.
A fleet of 50 Wright Streetcar RTV articulated buses (Nos. A011-060) are responsible for the new routes. They are 18.7m long with 3 doors and hybrid electric powered. Just follow the above link for further stunning photos.

Photograph courtesy and copyright of
Dave Rogers

and finally, thanks to Dave Rogers to sending me the above photograph of a new Optare bodied Volvo B9TL, believed to be one of several that have just entered service with Big Bus in London. 

Please note, I am now on holiday for just over a week, so there will be no updates during this time - please do continue to send any news items or photos ready for my return on 12th 
3rd April 2010

Big Bus Company introduced a new route today operating between Central (Star Ferry Pier) and Stanley. The routing of the initial Hong Kong Island route has also been modified. Part of the official press release, together with the modified route map is featured below. My thanks to Dennis Law and the Big Bus Company (Hong Kong) Limited for providing this information.

The Most Comprehensive Sightseeing Experience – Big Bus Brand New Value-added Service Launches

The Big Bus Company is proud to introduce its newest service in Hong Kong, bringing tourists the most spectacular sightseeing experience with brand new routes and additional language choices on commentary starting from 1st April 2010.

For the price of one, the new service enables visitors to enjoy three exciting tours: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Stanley. Kowloon and Hong Kong Island Routes are carefully redesigned with five new break points for tourists to explore from the most contemporary
areas to historical heritages. Taking a break from the bustling city life, Big Bus has introduced an additional route, Stanley Tour, to world-famous Stanley Market. Break points along the route offer tourists an opportunity to visit Ocean Park, Repulse Bay and
Stanley Market. This peaceful ride allows tourists to discover the picturesque scenes of Hong Kong Island South. To complete sightseeing experience in Hong Kong, Big Bus Night Tour reveals the stunning imagery of Kowloon. This tour includes the neon
spectacle of Nathan Road, provides the opportunity to shop at one of Kowloon’s bustling night markets, and offers excellent photo shooting opportunities to capture Hong Kong skyline.

“The new service represents a key milestone for the growth of Big Bus Hong Kong.” says Mr. Kengi Wan, General Manager of Big Bus Hong Kong. ”Instead of traditional package tour, travellers are now seeking for more flexible and interactive travel experience, our
value-added offers is the perfect solution for them. ” Mr. Wan added. 

The unique feature of Big Bus tour – personal audio commentary is also upgraded from 8 languages to 10 languages including Putonghua, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian making Big Bus Tours an in-depth sightseeing
experience for all.

Click on image for larger photograph

Further details will shortly be available at the Big Bus Company website - just follow the link (link now removed)

1st April 2010
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