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January 1999 - News
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Further unconfirmed reports are as follows:-
    a 25th Anniversary Olympian for Singapore Bus Services, a revised casting, with double doors front and centre, with the emblem "Celebrating 25 years of moving the nation", to be numbered 43219.

    the New Lantao Dennis Dart (see below) is to be a UK release as well, but without the badges (42814b).

    two more Stagecoach Olympians, again with the revised casting, are to be released.

    29th January 1999

I have an unconfirmed report that a Dennis Dart, in New Lantao Bus livery, available as a presentation set with 6 badges, celebrating the Company's 25th Anniversary, has just been released in Hong Kong.
24th January 1999

Further details of impending/recent releases are as follows:-

The three New World First Bus Olympians are numbered 43211-3.

    43211  -  "This bus has ears"  -  already available.
    43212  -  "Didn't recognise me did you?"  -  already available.
    43213  -  "We must stop meeting like this"  -  due January.

    The KMB "Year of the Rabbit" Olympian is due in early February.

    The KMB Alexander bodied Trident (44303), gold/champagne, is a re-issue of 44301  but with the centre doors set back further, as 44401, and without the red lines. It will also carry a different route/fleet number.

    Model No 44502 is available in two versions. The Hong Kong release carries the additional lettering"The smart connection to the new Hong Hong International Airport" between decks.
    Model No 44501 is similar to 44502, but is uncertificated.

    15th January 1999

43217, the Stagecoach liveried Olympian, appeared in the shops today.
11th January 1999
January 1999 - News
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