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July 1999 - News
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The "Friends of KMB" Olympian is to be numbered 43223, whilst the Captain KMB Trident is 44403
  27th July 1999

A further planned release from KMB is a Volvo Olympian with "Friends of KMB" decals, click here for photos. 
26th July 1999

Click here to see new photographs of EFE's China Motor Bus liveried DMS.

Click here to see new photograph of KMB's Captain KMB Trident.

I have also just received photographs of a new book "Hong Kong Bus Models", in both English and Chinese, and to be published in August - click here for photos 

20th July 1999

Citybus's new new dual-door Dennis Dart, (44701) is due to be released in Hong Kong on 21st July. 3,500 will be released in Hong Kong with 1,550 being available in the UK through Corgi Goldstar Stockists.

I am led to believe that 2,500 of Corgi's KMB Dragon Boat Festival Olympian (43222) are to become available in the UK through Corgi Goldstar Stockists, at their normal recommended retail price - good news for those who have yet to acquire one!

I have just received photographs of the Corgi's Captain KMB Trident, EFE's CMB liveried DMS and Corgi's dual door Dart.

The August-September issue of "Model Buses" has just been released and includes a full page article on the new Dennis Jubilant from Collector's Model. Also included is an article by Simon Ayres, a regular contributor to this Site, on how he converted Model No 43214, the Capital Citybus Olympian, to a single-door version. For more information go to the Model Buses Site.

17th July 1999

Two further releases from the Collector's Model range have been announced. Both are Leyland Victory IIs, in the livery of China Motor Bus. Click here to go to the Leyland Victory page.
9th July 1999

The Captain KMB model will in fact a Dennis Trident with Alexander ALX500 bodywork, and NOT a Duple Metsec version. It is on route 2 with a destination of "Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier".
7th July 1999

In order to make it easier for you to keep track of the constant changes and improvements being made to the site, the "Updates" page will list all such changes in detail. 
5th July 1999
July 1999 - News
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