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August 1999 - News
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The Friends of KMB Olympian, (43223) is due for release in Hong Kong today, whilst the New World First Bus Dart is to be released on 31st August.
27th August 1999

The third Collector's Model (V103A) has been released in Hong Kong, retailing around HK$400.

Check out the new "Books" page on this site, 
26th August 1999

Click here for a review of the new Hong Kong Bus Models book, now available in both Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

The new LF, detailed below, is the first release from a new manufacturer, ABC Models. It includes many features found on the Collector's Model (C'SM) releases with the following extras:- 

    1     Opening engine compartment with an engine inside.
    2    Some of the windows are modelled in the open position as this is not an air-con bus.
    3    Model has two subframes to hold the steering mechanism and engine in the model. There are
          two screws to take the model apart.
    4    Guard rails are fitted behind the windows.
    5    Interior features a "money box" and the seating units are correctly modelled. There is a
          separate steering wheel.
    6    Front wheels can be steered and seem more robust than the CSM.
The price in Hong Kong will be around $320 HKD when released in approximately two weeks time. 
For additional photographs of this model, together with further details, click here.
24th August 1999

Photographs courtesy of Dicky Wong
Another new release, planned I believe for September, is a China Motor Bus class LF, a Daimler Fleetline with Alexander bodywork. I am unsure of the manufacturer, but from the above photographs could it be another Collector's Model?

Photographs of the New World First Bus dual-door Dennis Dart are now available here.

Corgi's Leyland Victory is planned for release in November 
21st August 1999

The second model from Collector's Model, (V102A) the CMB Victory, has been released in Hong Kong, and demand appears to have exceeded supply, with the initial price of the model being (approx. HK$285) having now increased to between HK$400-500.

The third model, (V103A) another Victory, is due for release at the end of the month, although I am advised that this will be released in a greater quantity of 3,000.
The new book entitled "Hong Kong Bus Models", in both English and Chinese, is likely to be available in both Hong Kong and the UK - further details, and hopefully a review will appear here, in the meantime  click here for photos. 
16th August 1999

The New World First Bus dual-door Dennis Dart is to be modelled by EFE, with a production run of 8,888, of which 2,000 are to be offered in the UK to EFE Collector's Club members only
11th August 1999

The 100th new bus for New World First Bus, a Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Trident, has been released in Hong Kong (44505), see the new photograph.

The September edition of "Model Collector" carries a detailed report on the new Collector's Model Dennis Jubilant. 
8th August 1999

EFE's new DMS is numbered 25704.

Check out the new "Model Collector" magazine, September edition, due out on Thursday 5th, as I believe Don Craggs has a further "update" on Hong Kong Buses.

Corgi have been "acquired" by an American investment group called Chinavest. This group also owns a diecasting factory in China. 
3rd August 1999

EFE's China Motor Bus liveried DMS and KMB's Captain KMB Trident (44403) have both been released in Hong Kong.

I have received details from Citybus regarding the number of models released for both the Hong Kong and the UK markets for their "uncertificated" Cityflyer Duple/Metsec bodied Tridents - these can be found on the Dennis Trident page.

An appeal - can anyone supply me with photographs of the following? :-
    Corgi's KCRC Olympian with 10th Anniversary signwriting, Model No 43202 - the actual model
    would be even better!
    Citybus Cityflyer, Model Number 44501
    Citybus Cityflyer, Model Number 44502, HK version with additional lettering "the smart
    connection to the new Hong Kong Airport".

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August 1999 - News
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